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Top 10 Most Popular Mopinion Blog Posts of 2018

Mopinion: Top 10 Hottest Mopinion Blog Posts of 2018 - Confetti

And…that’s a wrap for 2018! We are thrilled to report that we’ve published nearly 100 blog posts this year. Aside from being a great resource for everything online feedback, the Mopinion blog covers a wide range of digital topics and trends. From Customer Experience and User Experience to the Online Customer Journey and the rise […]

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Employee In the Spotlight: Dave Schrijvers

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight Dave Schrijvers - Cover

Here at Mopinion, our employees are the backbone of our business. They make it possible for us to create and deliver innovative software that guarantees real value for our customers. That is why we’ve created the Employee in the Spotlight series. It is our way of giving our readers and customers a face to the […]

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Mopinion now integrates with chat software solution Rocket.Chat

Mopinion: Mopinion note integrates with chat software solution Rocket.Chat - Rocket Chat Cover

Good news project management junkies! The Mopinion webhook feature now enables you to integrate Mopinion with all of your favorite Rocket.Chat channels. Rocket.Chat is an open source chat software that enables teams to communicate and collaborate by way of file sharing, real-time chat and audio/video conferencing. With Rocket.Chat, the same configuration options as with other […]

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‘Tis the Season For Customer Feedback, Here’s Why…

Mopinion: ‘Tis the Season For Customer Feedback, Here’s Why... - Cover image

The holiday season is in full swing. And while most ecommerce businesses have been preparing for this for months already, we can’t help but notice that many of these same businesses are missing one important element in their strategies. Sure, they’ve optimised their mobile apps, set up various discounts and promotions to reel customers in, […]

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Mopinion introduces innovative machine learning technology for advanced feedback categorisation

Mopinion: Mopinion introduces breakthrough machine learning technology for advanced feedback categorisation - Cover Image

Mopinion has just released a new machine learning technology within its digital feedback analytics platform: automatic feedback categorisation. This technology employs machine learning techniques that make the analysis of qualitative feedback data – by way of labeling and categorisation – a much more fluid and systematic process. The automatic feedback categorisation technology is the first […]

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