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Mopinion Raspberry has officially taken over!

You probably know this already but… (*drumroll*) we have finally switched over to Mopinion Raspberry! Our brand new, next generation user interface is now the one and only user interface of Mopinion. Tying together all the favourite functionalities of Mopinion Classic, the brand new Mopinion Raspberry interface enables users to conveniently collect and manage their […]

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Improve your Product Roadmap with User Research

product roadmap user research

Another article about Product Roadmaps? Sure, many product teams may be over this subject, but as a product manager, you need to be prepared to put your customers at the centre of your product (which means you have to think about them all the time!) In the product-oriented era, everything revolves around the customer experience. […]

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Mopinion ranks in G2’s Enterprise Feedback Management Report for Summer 2021


That’s right. Mopinion is proud to announce that it has once again qualified as a ‘High Performer’ in G2’s Europe Grid and also as a ‘Niche’ tool in G2’s Global Grid for Enterprise Feedback Management Summer 2021. This is all thanks to the many great reviews left by customers within our fast-growing customer base., […]

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Continuous innovation thanks to a good product feedback loop

Blijf innoveren dankzij een goede product feedback loop - header

Product innovation is a great way of setting yourself apart from your competitors. Because not only are the needs of your customers everchanging, but also technologies and possibilities. But how do you stay informed regarding customer needs? And how will your company respond to these needs and translate those needs into an enhanced product? The […]

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How to achieve successful product adoption with user feedback

How to achieve successful product adoption with user feedback

We all want to make an impact on our customers and provide them with the best possible digital product(s) on the market – products that ‘stick’. However, creating a ‘sticky’ product – a product that delivers consistent value and is so engaging that users are compelled to use it regularly – is a challenge that […]

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Collect product feedback with these templates

product feedback templates - cover

How do you ensure that your new products are well received or that new features really complement your product? The answer is product feedback. You won’t get there by gambling or blindly following your competition. The development of new products or new features requires a lot of time and attention from different teams within your […]

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Employee in the Spotlight: Anne van der Geest

Anne Mopinion Office Manager

It’s a great pleasure to present to you our next Employee in the Spotlight. At Mopinion we want to give some extra attention to our employees because we put our people first, so we’re putting them in the Spotlight one-by-one to see what they are up to. Last month we introduced Florent, our Sales talent […]

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Behind the Feedback: Multiple Data Sources in One Chart


Mopinion recently introduced a new feature within the Mopinion platform which enables users to compare multiple data sources – for example from different feedback surveys – in one chart. In this Behind the Feedback story Product Manager Jos van der Kooij shares how Mopinion leveraged qualitative insights from its users and extensive market research to […]

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Mopinion is moving to a new office!

Mopinion's new office

That’s right! Mopinion is leaving the Pannekoekstraat behind and heading for a new adventure that’s, well…right around the corner! We’re moving our headquarters to Het Blauwe Huis on the Mariniersweg in Rotterdam. It may not be far, but it’s certainly a big step for the team. As we continue expanding with new recruits, we had […]

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