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Video testimonial: TomTom

[:en]TomTom Mopinion Feedback Customer Story[:]

Why TomTom is using feedback to improve the customer experience “Just CSAT is too simple. One of the key reasons why we chose Mopinion, is that it’s very important to capture the feedback of certain pages. The Customer Satisfaction Score to me is not all that important, because it’s not actionable. The Customer Satisfaction Score […]

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Video testimonial: Interpolis

[:en]Interpolis Customer Story Mopinion Feedback[:]

Why Interpolis is using feedback to improve the customer experience “It’s common sense that any customer feedback is useful to us. Previously we worked with a company that was fully do-it-yourself. I had to open Excel and do my own calculations to find out the Net Promotor Score, for example. Using Mopinion all these calculations […]

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Video testimonial: Kia

[:en]Kia Testimonial Mopinion Feedback[:]

“We were searching for a way to display our customers opinions and reviews on the Kia website. We decided to go for Mopinion because their tool is not that expensive, easy to implement and easy to adapt to your corporate identity. Next to reviews we also use Mopinion’s feedback tool which allows us to detect […]

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