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Top 10 A/B Testing Tools that will Boost Conversions

Mopinion: Top 10 A/B testing tools that will boost conversions - Cover Image

How can you make sure your website or app design is the best possible version right now? How can you make sure your website or app is converting visitor into customers at its best? You can’t really know for sure unless you test it out with A/B testing tools. This is what most marketers, developers, […]

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From Pilot to Proven: Intergamma’s Feedback Story

Mopinion: From Pilot to Proven: The Story of How Intergamma Chose Mopinion - Cover

Intergamma, the organisation behind brands GAMMA and KARWEI is the largest DIY (hardware) company in the Benelux region – with nearly 400 locations across the Netherlands and Belgium. As part of their online vision, Intergamma has set its sights on becoming the largest and best omnichannel retailer in the Benelux region. They knew that in […]

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How to Increase CX Through Testing and Personalisation

Mopinion: How to Increase CX Through Testing and Personalization - Cover Image

I like to think that we follow the golden rule: market to others as you would like to be marketed to. This really boils down to putting Customer Experience (CX) first. Being ‘customer-obsessed’ is certainly in vogue, as the Ritz-Carlton, Trader Joe’s, Netflix and others that made Forbes’ Most Customer-Obsessed Companies In 2018 list will […]

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