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Product Update: Multiple data sources in one chart and more

Product Update: Multiple data sources in one chart, email alerts for multiple users, and more...

Again it’s time for another Mopinion product update! And we’re keeping those updates coming! This month we’ve got a lot of new features and updates for you including some much anticipated chart improvements, such as adding multiple data sources to one chart and much more.   Psssst…Mopinion’s Classic user interface is being phased out! Are […]

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Unmasking Mopinion Raspberry: Data Explorer & Chart Builder

Mopinion Raspberry Data Explorer & Chart Builder

Before we can sit back and celebrate the holidays, we’ve got one more teaser on our agenda for you all: the final post of our five-part introduction blog series: Unmasking Mopinion Raspberry (which will be launched this January!). In this teaser, we will shed some light on the Data Explorer and Chart Builder. These updates […]

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