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Top 20 Customer Journey Mapping Tools in 2022: An Overview

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Journey Mapping Tools: An Overview - Cover

Customer expectations are higher than ever. Customers demand excellent service and anyone who fails in delivering a smooth online customer experience will lose customers right on the spot. This means that you have to step up and stand out to beat your competitors. It’s time to gain ground by optimizing the customer journey. Each customer […]

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Top 20 Best Project Management Software in 2022: An Overview

Top 20 best project management software cover

Why is Project Management (PM) often still time consuming and inefficient? Are you still repeatedly updating spreadsheets, drowning in post-its and participate in weekly update meetings? That’s really a waste of time and effort. You can have a complete overview of your project in a glance, with a little help from the right software tool. […]

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40+ Great Resources & Online Tools for Remote Working

40 Great Resources & Online Tools for Remote Working - Image

As a result of COVID-19, at the beginning of 2020, many governments worldwide started asking their citizens to work remotely as much as possible. For some organisations this wasn’t a big step, but for many this proved to be a difficult adjustment as they had to get into different habits of working. The ones affected […]

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The Top 11 Best Team Chat Tools for Remote Work

Mopinion: Best Team Chat Tools for Working From Home - Cover

As a result of the current crisis, the last few months have brought major change to the way many companies operate. Most – if not all – employees were urged to work at home full time, which completely threw a wrench into their routines and communications, especially with other team members. Meanwhile many companies fared […]

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Mopinion integrates with collaboration app Basecamp

Mopinion: Mopinion integrates with collaboration app Basecamp - Cover

That’s right! Mopinion has also joined forces with popular collaboration app, Basecamp. This new webhook integration enables teams to achieve next-level digital feedback management through improved productivity in project management. Now you can push feedback items directly to your Basecamp Projects and To-Do lists. Is your Basecamp environment broken down into teams? Then you can […]

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Top 20 Collaboration Software: An Overview


Let’s be honest. We all want to enhance our productivity. And the first step towards achieving that is by learning how to work more closely with your team. The question is, how can teams in a large, and fast-growing company collaborate effectively within and across departments? Many startups and enterprises nowadays are using collaboration software. […]

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Mopinion launches new integration with Asana

Mopinion: Tying it all together: Mopinion launches new integration with Asana - Cover

Tie in your customer insights and make your projects a success. Mopinion has just launched a new integration with collaboration and work management software Asana. This new and improved integration – facilitated using Mopinion webhooks – allows users to push user feedback to their Asana boards and tasks without ever having to leave the Asana […]

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