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30 Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2021: an overview

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Cover

If you haven’t noticed, it’s all about the customer these days. According to Oracle, 77% of consumers say inefficient customer experiences detract from their quality of life. This proves that the moment you put the customer at the core of your business and focus on improving these experiences, you’re already one step closer to success. […]

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Mopinion releases partner video featuring N3Wstrategy

Mopinion: Mopinion releases partner video featuring N3Wstrategy - Cover Image

Founded in 2008, N3Wstrategy is a consultancy that helps transform businesses into customer-centric organisations to help them grow. The agency focuses mainly on large enterprises and government organisations, as well as the upper segment of small and medium-sized businesses. In this partner video, N3Wstrategy’s Founder and Managing Partner, Nils Schmeling testifies to the importance of […]

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