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What is Customer Feedback? And how to use it

What is Customer Feedback - Cover

Are your customers getting value out of the online experience you’re offering? Are they satisfied with your products and services? And just how loyal are they to your brand exactly? These are the questions customer feedback will help you get the answers to. In return, this clarity and better understanding of customers’ needs is what […]

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What is Customer Feedback Management? Tips, tools and more…

Managing customer feedback cover

Managing customer feedback is a challenge many organisations face on a daily basis – especially when dealing with a large amount of feedback, coming from multiple sources and various digital channels. In fact, this process can be downright overwhelming. That is, unless you practice good customer feedback management. By streamlining feedback data in a way […]

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Mopinion named Top Performer in Customer Feedback Management Software

FeaturedCustomers Top Performer Announcement

Mopinion has been named a Top Performer in the Customer Feedback Management Software category for the Winter 2022 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers. FeaturedCustomers is the leading customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software and services helping potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through vendor validated customer success content such as […]

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Designing Insightful Customer Feedback Forms with Mopinion

Designing Insightful Customer Feedback Forms With Mopinion

When it comes to creating a feedback survey or form, some people tend to create haphazard surveys, without really thinking about what they’re actually asking. Rushed, aimless customer feedback surveys can be detrimental to your feedback strategy, which should inform and influence your marketing, sales, design and even, product planning. Asking illogical questions, or designing […]

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Mopinion ranked Top Performer in Customer Success Report

Mopinion: Mopinion ranked Top Performer in FeaturedCustomers’ 2020 Customer Success Report - Cover Image

This just in! FeaturedCustomers – a B2B Customer Reference Platform – has just released its Spring 2021 Customer Success Report and we’re in it! Among other digital software types such as Business Intelligence tools, Customer Data Platforms and CRM software, FeaturedCustomers also performed research on the category Customer Feedback Management; the category in which Mopinion […]

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How real-time feedback alerts can help effectively manage your webshop

How real-time alerts can help effectively manage your webshop

If someone told you they had some very powerful information that might make or break your webshop, would you want to hear it right away or just wait until tomorrow? Most of us would want that information on our desk in a heartbeat, which is why many businesses nowadays are using real-time feedback alerts (also […]

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