Our thoughts on Digital Customer Experience

K2 Systems launches Mopinion within its planning software

Mopinion: K2 Systems launches Mopinion feedback within its planning software - Cover

We’re delighted to share that German solar energy equipment supplier K2 Systems recently rolled out Mopinion feedback within their very own future-oriented planning software K2 Base. Lucas Toulon, Assistant of CEO at K2 Systems fills us in on the details… ‘K2 Systems stands for worldwide power generation from solar energy. The heart of the company […]

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How to Install a Feedback Form in Magento

Mopinion: How to Install a Feedback Form in Magento - Cover

Customer feedback has become a very popular method for monitoring and optimising the online customer experience. The insights obtained from collecting customer feedback on your website or mobile app not only reveals which aspects of your website are problematic for your visitors, but also what works well. The easiest way to gather this feedback is […]

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Mopinion Academy’s Onboarding Webinar: Reporting & Dashboard Configuration

Mopinion Academy’s Onboarding Webinar: Data Analysis & Visualisation - Cover Image

We hope you enjoyed our first onboarding webinar: Form Building & Deployments. Next up in the series is our webinar on Reporting & Dashboard Configuration, a critical phase in any online feedback programme as this leads to the discovery of truly meaningful insights. As part of our new educational platform, the Mopinion Academy, this three-part […]

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Mopinion Academy’s Onboarding Webinar: Form Building & Deployment

Mopinion Academy’s Onboarding Webinar Phase 1: Form Building & Deployment - Cover Image

We want to make sure you have all the skills and resources you need to set your feedback programme into motion, which is why we’ve just launched a free series of onboarding webinars. The first webinar (Phase 1: Form Building & Deployments) will be held on Wednesday, April 3rd at 4:00 pm (Amsterdam, CEST). As […]

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Next-level Productivity: Mopinion now integrates with Trello

Mopinion: Next-level Productivity: Mopinion now integrates with Trello - Cover Image

Are you ready for next-level productivity? Then you’re in luck. Mopinion has just launched a new integration with collaboration software Trello. This new “out-of-the-box” integration allows users to push certain feedback items to their Trello boards (and cards) without ever having to leave the Trello app! Trust us on this. We know that it can […]

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What New Business Owners Always Get Wrong About Customer Feedback

Mopinion: What New Business Owners Always Get Wrong About Customer Feedback - Cover

Launching a business is incredibly exciting, particularly if you’re fresh to the world of entrepreneurialism. Everything feels raw and vital: a bright future is ahead of you, and you’re ready to chart the course of your destiny. However… it isn’t that simple. Whether you’re planning to sell products or offer a service, you’re going to […]

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A sound investment: Robeco improves the online experience with customer feedback

Mopinion: A sound investment: How Robeco improves the online experience with customer feedback - Cover

Robeco is an international asset manager that was founded in 1929 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands as the Rotterdamsch Beleggings Consortium (Rotterdam Investment Consortium). In fact, it was one of the first to offer investment opportunities to consumers. Over the years, Robeco has evolved from a traditional asset manager to an omnichannel service provider. Nowadays, everyone […]

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Canterbury City Council leverages feedback to achieve customer centricity online

Canterbury Cover Image

Canterbury City Council (CCC) is the local authority for the City of Canterbury, which is situated in the county of Kent, United Kingdom. Canterbury City Council, a relatively new client of Mopinion, works with a relatively small in-house team that includes research, analysis, service design, development and content design skills. This team’s goal? Giving their […]

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Government agencies & NGOs: What can they do to become more customer centric online?

Government agencies & NGOs Cover Image

More and more government agencies and NGOs are starting to focus on what is called ‘the online citizen experience’. In fact according to an Accenture survey, nearly 65% of public service leaders have claimed that a personalised, online citizen experience is one of their highest priorities. However, in order to achieve this, these agencies must […]

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