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Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview

Customer Success Software

How do you know your customers are really satisfied and have achieved their desired outcomes while using your product or service? How do you understand your customer churn rate and avoid losing your customers before they actually walk away? With customer success software, you can do exactly all those things and so much more. That’s […]

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How Expresso Fashion & Claudia Sträter use Customer Feedback


Expresso Fashion and Claudia Sträter are two well-known Dutch fashion brands with stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Alongside their more traditional, brick-and-mortar shops, these labels are also sold online. This omni-channel strategy makes it possible for these two webshops to not only serve as sales channels but also platforms for inspiration. Visitors can […]

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What is the online Voice of the Customer?

Mopinion: What is the online Voice of the Customer - Cover Image

How do your customers feel about your business? Are they satisfied with the digital experience you provide? Which hurdles are they running into? What is their general sentiment with regards to your product offering? These are the questions businesses ask themselves on a daily basis. Unfortunately, making assumptions isn’t going to bring an organisation success […]

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What is a website feedback tool?

Mopinion: What is a website feedback tool - Feature image

With a website feedback tool you can dig deeper into the minds of your website visitors. A website feedback tool helps collect qualitative insights about the visitor, such as the visitor’s review of the website and where he/she is experiencing problems. A website feedback tool also makes it possible to interact with your visitors. You […]

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5 tips that will make you rethink your current online feedback strategy

Mopinion: 5 tips that will make you rethink your current online feedback strategy

Are you serious about listening to your online customers or is your website feedback tool just a vanity project? A lot of feedback tools out there make it easy to collect user feedback on your website or mobile app, but do they really help make your digital channels more customer centric? The majority of these […]

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Pros and Cons of Feedback Collection Types over the Years

Mopinion: Pros and Cons of Feedback types over the years

Smart businesses know customers are always in the driver’s seat thanks to the introduction of the internet. It has given them a powerful voice and they are not at all afraid to use it. Alternatively, other businesses do care about their customers but they really don’t feel that asking their feedback generates significant value. After […]

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Pros & cons of self-service customer feedback tools

29-self-service-customer-feedback-tools-for-your-website- pros-and-cons

More and more companies are making every effort to improve the (digital) customer experience. According to Forrester, in 2019 this market will increase to a value of $ 8 billion. The first step towards improvement begins with the collection of data. After all, you must avail of the necessary information first in order to comprehend […]

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5 Ways to get more from your website feedback tool

Mopinion A Lot Of Feedbacktools

It’s impossible to imagine the online landscape today without feedback ‘buttons’ and ‘forms’. Some organisations have already gained many useful tips from customers using these tools. While others are still experimenting with feedback buttons left or right. Learn more about the different phases of utilising online feedback here. Because many digital marketers struggle with getting […]

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Utilising customer feedback to increase online sales

Mopinion: Utilising customer feedback to increase online sales

Research shows that 69% of online visitors are leaving your ordering funnels without completing the order. However, increasing conversions with only one percent can mean huge increases in new leads, revenues and profit. Unfortunately, many digital marketers are not leveraging the power of customer feedback to increase online sales, despite 38% of customers being willing […]

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