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Digital Customer Experience (CX) trends to look out for in 2022

Digitale Customer Experience trends CX 2022

One year later and we’re still in the thick of it. The pandemic has not only continued to accelerate the shift to digital customer experiences, but also pushed organisations to adopt and implement technologies in hopes of gaining a competitive edge. Customers today no longer base their loyalty on price or product. Instead, they are […]

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The State of Customer Experience (CX) 2021

Mopinion State of CX 2021 cover

No doubt, the last year and a half has been challenging for everyone. For brands, the crisis has brought about fundamental changes to how customers behave, resulting in what can only be described as a tectonic shift in their behaviour. Now, as we enter the last quarter of 2021, the need and investment in customer […]

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Digital Customer Experience (CX) Trends in 2021

Digital Customer Experience Trends in 2021

Digital Customer Experience Trends in 2021 Why the Digital CX is important Biggest and most impactful trends for 2021 How to prioritise your digital CX program And much more.. Download your White paper today… Shape up your digital strategy with the latest predictions Meet our customers

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Whitepaper: Digital Customer Experience (CX) Trends of 2021

Digital Customer Trends for 2021

In 2020 we witnessed countless unexpected trends emerge, from companies and consumers defying nearly all expectations to a complete transformation in our everyday professional and private lives. And it looks like 2021 is already shaping up to be just as unpredictable. Despite several industries being hit hard by the crisis, the online market continues to […]

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5 Ecommerce Challenges to Overcome in the Research Phase

Cover Image Ecommerce

Curious how your ecommerce business can leverage online feedback to maintain an attractive and high-performance website throughout the entire customer journey? From collecting feedback at various touchpoints to performing feedback analysis, there are plenty of ways to optimise your website so that it is perfectly ready for today’s well-informed customers. It’s time to eliminate all […]

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How SaaS companies can improve their Customer Experience (CX)

How SaaS companies can improve their customer experience

Some of the best SaaS companies have achieved long-term success because of their obsession with the customer experience (CX). I mean, think of Amazon (US) and Uber. These companies are practically pioneers in the field of CX and look where’s it gotten them. However, designing and delivering a great experience in the software industry can […]

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Take CX to the next level with these 5 Youtube videos


Trends and developments are continuously sprouting up within Customer Experience (CX). In fact there are so many new trends that it can be hard to keep track. Previously we were just satisfied with having a customer-oriented approach, but nowadays we want to take this one step further… With over 2 billion users, YouTube has a […]

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Digital Customer Experience (CX) Trends to Look out for in 2020

2020 trends cover people and numbers

CX definitely made some waves in 2019 with the hype of artificial intelligence, voice commerce and chatbots. And sure, these are still very much talked about in Digital CX but there’s a lot more on the menu this year. In fact, experts are already calling 2020 the year of ‘significant digital CX transformation’. It’s a […]

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[Examples] Customer Experience (CX) Survey Questions

Mopinion: Examples of Customer Experience (CX) Survey Questions - Cover

Experts have predicted that by 2020, Customer Experience is set to take higher priority among customers than product or price. While the majority of businesses have read and understand that it’s an important factor for success, not all of them have the actual means to monitor and improve their efforts. Want to make sure your […]

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What is the Customer Experience Gap?

Mopinion: What is the Customer Experience Gap? - Cover Experience Gaps

We hear companies throwing around common phrases like, ‘Customer centricity is at the heart of our organisation’ and ‘We’re very much in tune with the needs of our customers’. Not surprisingly, seeing as how according to a study carried out by Bain and company, 80% of organisations they surveyed believed that they were providing a […]

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