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Mopinion Academy’s Onboarding Webinar: Reporting & Dashboard Configuration

Mopinion Academy’s Onboarding Webinar: Data Analysis & Visualisation - Cover Image

We hope you enjoyed our first onboarding webinar: Form Building & Deployments. Next up in the series is our webinar on Reporting & Dashboard Configuration, a critical phase in any online feedback programme as this leads to the discovery of truly meaningful insights. As part of our new educational platform, the Mopinion Academy, this three-part […]

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Building your user feedback dashboard: the easy way

Mopinion: Building your user feedback dashboards: the easy way - Cover image

The importance of visualising and analysing online customer feedback cannot be emphasised enough. A very modern approach to data analysis, using visualisations not only enables us to easily digest the data but also aids in extracting valuable customer insights. And as feedback volumes rise, visualisation tools such as dashboards become increasingly advantageous. There are many […]

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10 Data Analysis and Dashboarding tools used in Digital Marketing

Mopinion: 10 Data Analysis and Dashboarding tools used in Digital Marketing

Digital marketers spend day in and day out working with a wealth of data – in many cases to the point where it can be considered an art form. This includes data in the realm of customer experience as well as marketing-related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as advertising campaigns and spending, website clicks, online […]

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