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Top 20 Digital Marketing Automation Tools: An Overview

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I think we can all agree that digital marketing has become this complex web of moving parts… Today’s digital marketers are juggling multiple social media accounts, growing subscriber lists and email campaigns, content creation and management, user behaviour tracking and mobile marketing efforts. And it doesn’t stop there… Once they’ve reached their target audience via […]

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Post-Brexit Britain: Where Will that Leave Digital Marketing?

Mopinion: Post-Brexit Britain: Where Will that Leave Digital Marketers? - Brexit Cover

Brexit is getting closer and with negotiations still in progress, all of us digital marketers are out there watching and waiting with bated breath… In times of uncertainty or turmoil, markets have the capability of evolving much faster than most digital marketers can adapt. This gap between how you see the market and the reality […]

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13 Free User Feedback Tools for Digital Marketers on a Budget

Mopinion: 13 Free User Feedback Solutions for Digital Marketers on a Budget - Cover Image

User feedback is the key indicator of customer experience. Having access to the customer insights puts you as a marketer at a competitive advantage. In fact, user feedback will also enable you to prioritise and address issues that surface, putting you one step closer to reaching a profitable conclusion and closing the loop. That is […]

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Best KPI Dashboarding Software for Digital Marketers

Mopinion: Which KPI Dashboarding Software should Digital Marketing Managers Use? - Cover Image

The digital age has brought with it a horde of data. And coming from various sources and in large quantities, the availability of this data has created many new and insightful opportunities for digital marketers. Modern digital marketers are using data in a myriad of ways, such as gauging success (with Key Performance Indicators, or […]

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Winning Strategies to Grow a SaaS Startup

Mopinion: Winning Strategies to Grow a SaaS Startup - Cover image

Technology start-ups require sound marketing goals as part of the overall business plan. This ensures new business, which is a source of revenue to cover operational expenditure. Startups offering software as a service, SaaS, need to employ a distinct marketing strategy to break into the highly competitive industry. “At QASymphony, we support software start-ups with […]

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6 Growth Hacking Techniques You Should Try Out

Mopinion: 6 Types of Growth Hacking Tools - Cover image

Are you a startup in search of new avenues for growth? Then you’ll want to keep reading…because we’ve got the low-down on which types of growth hacking techniques you’ll need to achieve this growth. Each technique serves a different purpose and to achieve this purpose, your business will need the right tools in place. From […]

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Top 13 Best Tag Management Tools: an overview

Mopinion: Top 13 Tag Management Systems - Cover Image

As the competition for every digital dollar has increased over the years, the number of digital marketing technologies has exploded; technologies such as customer data management systems, cloud services, social media, inbound marketing platforms, and more. However, one way or another all of these technologies have to be effectively deployed to reduce costs and provide […]

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Speak to your Digital Agency About Online Feedback

Mopinion: It's time to speak to your digital agency about online customer feedback - Feature image

Picture this. You are the marketing executive of a company that is currently undergoing massive growth. Your responsibility involves overseeing all digital marketing initiatives within your company which range anywhere from driving online traffic and improving usability to SEO and social channels. Although you are a very skilled and digital savvy marketer, you are not […]

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4 Things “The Donald” can teach us about Digital Customer Feedback

Mopinion: 4 Things "The Donald" can teach us about Digital Customer Feedback - Feature image

Well it’s official. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump will be the new President of the United States come January 2017. The last one standing in a race against seventeen other republican candidates and then shocking much of the nation by defeating Hillary Clinton, there’s no arguing he’s certainly made the 2016 presidential election […]

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