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[Examples] Customer Experience (CX) Survey Questions

Mopinion: Examples of Customer Experience (CX) Survey Questions - Cover

Experts have predicted that by 2020, Customer Experience is set to take higher priority among customers than product or price. While the majority of businesses have read and understand that it’s an important factor for success, not all of them have the actual means to monitor and improve their efforts. Want to make sure your […]

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5 Examples of Website User Experience (UX) Questionnaires

Mopinion: 5 Examples of Website User Experience (UX) Questionnaires - Cover

According to, website user experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of your users, what they need, what they value, their abilities and also their limitations’. Putting consistent effort into your website UX, you can both keep your users happy and improve online conversions. Want to be sure your user experience is up […]

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3 Examples of Website Content Questionnaires

Mopinion: 3 Examples of Website Content Questionnaires - Cover Image

A company’s website is often the first chance the company has to market its products and services to customers. So why wouldn’t you make it a priority to have the best website content out there? Well, now it’s possible with our easy-to-use website content questionnaires from the Mopinion Survey Marketplace! Learn more about website content […]

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