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What is Customer Feedback? A guide to collecting and analysing your data

What is Customer Feedback - Cover

Are your customers getting value out of the online experience you’re offering? Are they satisfied with your products and services? And just how loyal are they to your brand exactly? These are the questions customer feedback will help you get the answers to. In return, this clarity and better understanding of customers’ needs is what […]

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What is user feedback? Where and how to collect it

What is user feedback? wat is customer feedback?

Tasked with the ultimate challenge of keeping your customers satisfied and engaged with your brand, you might find that things get a little daunting without the right solution in place. Quantitative analytics tools like Google Analytics can tell you a lot about what is happening on your digital channels, but not why. Thankfully, there’s user […]

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4 tips for ecommerce companies who want to collect digital feedback

Mopinion: Four tips for ecommerce companies who want to start collecting digital feedback - Ecommerce Cover Image

The headstone to a sustainable customer-retailer relationship, increased online conversions and improved customer loyalty, online customer feedback can be a real competitive advantage for companies in the ecommerce industry. However, collecting the right customer feedback takes careful planning and a firm understanding of the journey your customers take when buying a product on your website […]

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