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Project management tips to improve customer experience

Hiver Mopinion Feedback Software

It’s not easy to be on top of your customer experience game. It’s a well coordinated effort of an entire team that ultimately creates a positive customer experience. Achieving seamless collaboration and coordination within the team is a goal most organizations struggle to achieve. While the role of the project managers is certainly crucial, even […]

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UK Companies Losing out on Sales due to Poor Customer Feedback Measurement

Feedback in the UK

Mopinion, urges digital marketers to improve online customer feedback. Udesh Jadnanansing, Co-Founder/ Chief of Revenue at Mopinion, is warning that many businesses are failing to fully understand their customers’ needs because they are still using outdated feedback methods for modern online transactions. Mopinion is urging online marketers to look more closely at the way they […]

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