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Prins Petfoods improves online customer journey with Mopinion


The pet lovers among us are surely familiar with this brand…Prins Petfoods is one of the best selling brands of both dog and cat food. Prins is a Dutch family business that’s been around for a little over 55 years. On top of selling pet food products, Prins also provides professional advice and is often […]

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Optimising the online customer journey: for eCommerce websites

Mopinion: Optimising the online customer journey: for eCommerce websites - Cover Image

It’s quite evident that the online buying process is no longer a linear one. Consumers are entering eCommerce websites from a myriad of different devices and online channels. And in the midst of all this chaos, your business needs to find a way to reel these consumers in as well as nurture them once they’ve […]

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Mopinion’s Top 10 ‘Hottest’ Blog Posts of 2017

Mopinion Hot Blogs 2017 Cover Image

And…that’s a wrap for 2017! We are thrilled to report that we’ve published well over 100 blog posts this year. Aside from being a great resource for everything online feedback, the Mopinion blog covers a wide range of digital topics and trends. From Customer Experience and User Experience to the Online Customer Journey and the […]

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The online customer journey for tech companies

Mopinion: What does the online customer journey look like for tech companies? - Cover Image

The technology industry is an intensely competitive one and as such, the key to survival for businesses in this industry is often constant innovation and meeting the needs of their customers. With this, the online customer journey for tech companies can be quite complex. In addition to focusing on the more traditional parts of the […]

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What is website feedback analytics?

Mopinion: What is website feedback analytics - Cover image

Website feedback analytics provides insight into what your visitors experience on your website. It is a critical supplement to other tools used to analyse (click) behaviour, such as Google Analytics. With user feedback, you get insights into how your customers experience your website. In other words, website feedback analytics explains the story behind the click […]

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Devitt Insurance: Optimising the customer journey

Devitt Feedback Cover Image

Devitt Insurance Services Limited is an insurance broker based in Romford, England that has been arranging insurance in the UK since 1936. Devitt offers competitive prices on motorbike insurance, car insurance, van insurance, home insurance and business insurance including specialist insurance policies for dealers and training schools. Reliability, transparency, value and good service all lie […]

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