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5 ways online customer feedback can optimise your webshop

Mopinion: 5 Ways Online Customer Feedback can make your webshop more successful - Cover image

You are an online marketer or eCommerce manager of a successful webshop and you’ve got all the necessary tools up and running. You’ve got your ads and retargeting efforts that provide you with leads. Then there’s A/B testing which provides insight into what is and isn’t converting your visitors. Meanwhile your web analytics and heatmaps […]

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Online Customer Journeys Programme


Mopinion Launches Ground-breaking Online Customer Journeys Programme Unique online research software solution helps businesses capture and analyse online customer journeys in real-time to improve services and increase sales. Customer feedback management software specialist Mopinion, today announces the launch of its new Online Customer Journeys Programme which enables companies to capture, analyse and act upon direct […]

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