Our thoughts on Digital Customer Experience

Employee in the Spotlight: Luke Price

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight - Luke Cover

It’s a new year which means we have some exciting new content on the agenda, including our January Employee Spotlight. The Employee Spotlight series is our way of giving you an inside look at the people behind the Mopinion brand. In last month’s Employee in the Spotlight, we interviewed a special member of the Development […]

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Top 15 Best Enterprise CRM Software

Mopinion: Top 15 Best Enterprise CRM Software - Cover

There is no doubting that the CRM industry is a thriving one. According to Gartner, CRM is now considered the largest of all software markets – with a worldwide revenue of nearly $39.5 billion. Research director at Gartner even stated that CRM will ‘be the fastest growing software market with a growth rate of 16%’ […]

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UK Companies Losing out on Sales due to Poor Customer Feedback Measurement


Mopinion, urges digital marketers to improve online customer feedback. Udesh Jadnanansing, Co-Founder/ Chief of Revenue at Mopinion, is warning that many businesses are failing to fully understand their customers’ needs because they are still using outdated feedback methods for modern online transactions. Mopinion is urging online marketers to look more closely at the way they […]

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