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August Product Update: brand new survey flow, Salesforce integration and more

July Product Update: brand new survey flow, single sign-on, Salesforce integration and more - Cover

Ready for this month’s product update? We’ve got a lot of juicy new features and updates for you including a new integration with Salesforce, the release of a new survey flow which now includes a dedicated form type for Email Feedback, a new version of the Mopinion Mobile Forms app in the Google Play Store […]

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Mopinion launches new integration with Salesforce

Mopinion: Mopinion launches new integration with Salesforce - Cover

Mopinion is pleased to announce that we’ve just launched a new integration with Salesforce. This new integration makes it possible for users to push feedback to a Salesforce Form. Salesforce offers two HTML forms: web-to-case (which creates a new support / service case in Salesforce with contact details and feedback) and web-to-lead (which creates a […]

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Integrating Mopinion with Salesforce (via Zapier)


Mopinion has joined forces with online automation tool Zapier to deliver quick and easy integrations between your Mopinion feedback data and CRM software Salesforce (among other app integrations). Thanks to Mopinion webhooks, integrating your feedback with Salesforce is a breeze. Ready to start relaying your feedback data to Salesforce in real-time? We’re here to help […]

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