Our thoughts on Digital Customer Experience

4 Steps to a Successful Customer Obsessed Marketing Strategy

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Customers are the most important cog in your business. Without them, you don’t have a business. But, despite all the tools we have today to create emotion-rich experiences for buyers, many marketers still struggle to understand their customers and what they really want. This just doesn’t cut it any more, particularly when consumers are actively […]

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Winning Strategies to Grow a SaaS Startup

Mopinion: Winning Strategies to Grow a SaaS Startup - Cover image

Technology start-ups require sound marketing goals as part of the overall business plan. This ensures new business, which is a source of revenue to cover operational expenditure. Startups offering software as a service, SaaS, need to employ a distinct marketing strategy to break into the highly competitive industry. “At QASymphony, we support software start-ups with […]

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The difference between a User Experience and a full Customer Experience


The Customer Experience (CX) is the preoccupation for most customer facing organisations. In an age where customer service is the definitive part of many retail offerings, CX is a key ingredient in retaining and growing the customer base. Because digital channels have become more and more important to many businesses, with their sales and services […]

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