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Unmasking Mopinion Raspberry (Part 4): Dashboard and Text Analytics

Raspberry Dashboard

In the beginning of 2020 Mopinion Raspberry, the new user interface, goes live. In this five-part series, we will ‘unmask’ various new components of the software one by one, components that are guaranteed to give you a smooth and lucid user experience. Unmasking Mopinion Raspberry Part 3 featured the new Feedback Inbox, but this time […]

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What is Text Analytics? And why should I care?

Mopinion: What is Text Analytics? And why should I care? - Cover

Data. Insights. Conversions. These three words are thrown around quite a bit in the digital world, regardless of the industry. And the reason for their popularity is fairly obvious. The insights we derive from proper data analysis steer us towards ways of achieving increased conversions. A slightly less obvious observation, however, is the kind of […]

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Why businesses shouldn’t fear negative online feedback

Mopinion: Why businesses shouldn’t fear negative online feedback - Cover image

According to a study carried out by RTE, over 30% of companies do not monitor what is being said about them online – whether it’s on their website, mobile app or social media profiles. And interestingly enough, much of this hesitancy is attributed to their fear of negative online feedback. And this preconceived notion that […]

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Reduce your online churn using text analytics

Mopinion: Reduce your churn using text analytics

It is likely that most of you reading this already have an online customer experience program in place, with feedback collection tools quantitatively monitoring your website and apps. In other words, you’ve got all the essential structured data you need to tend to your customers’ needs and make the appropriate adjustments to your online sales […]

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