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4 Tips for Achieving Mobile Marketing Success

Mopinion: 4 Habits of Successful Mobile Marketers - Cover

The mobile channel is no longer a ‘nice to have’. In fact, it is quickly making its way towards becoming the core of just about everything. Not only has mobile changed consumer behaviour, but also impacted areas such as ecommerce, brand awareness and customer service. As a result, we’re seeing a mobile marketing revolution; a […]

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4 Tips for a ‘Jolly’ Digital CX this Holiday Season

Mopinion: 4 Tips for a ‘Jolly’ Digital Customer Experience this Holiday Season - Cover

Let it be known. As an online retailer, you can’t always win on price. This is especially true around the holidays when customer expectations are high and time is of the essence. Everyone is scrambling to satisfy their Christmas lists by seeking deals, quick delivery, custom offers and most importantly, a good digital customer experience […]

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How to Create Free Online Surveys: Tips & Tools


Choosing to survey people is quite simple. But creating one? That’s another story. Believe it or not, there is a true science to creating online surveys. And I know what you’re thinking…The surveys you’ve taken in the past may have seemed simple at first glance and well, quite frankly they should be. But in reality […]

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Customer Feedback Tips from HR software Recruitee

Mopinion: Guest post: Customer Feedback Tips from HR software company Recruitee - Cover

Recruitee is a cloud-based ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that streamlines the recruitment process. In order for us to successfully save our users’ time and effort during hiring, we have to listen to their feedback! While we have a firm grasp on how to best execute recruitment software in order to produce results, there may be […]

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