Our thoughts on Digital Customer Experience

Top 10 Data Management Platforms: An overview

Mopinion: Top 10 Data Management Platforms: An overview - Cover Image

Fact: virtually everything your customers do on your website or mobile app produces data; data that not only can be leveraged to create marketing strategies and boost conversions but also increase your bottom line. All that is needed is an efficient way of both storing and employing the data. This is where Data Management Platforms […]

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Top 15 Business Intelligence Tools: An Overview

Mopinion: Top 15 Business Intelligence Tools - Cover

Need some guidance in making business decisions? Then you might want to think about employing a business intelligence tool, or BI tool. Business intelligence tools are all about helping you understand trends and deriving insights from your data so that you can make tactical and strategic business decisions. Now, I know what some of you […]

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Top 20 Best Email Marketing Tools: An Overview

Mopinion: Top 20 Best Email Marketing Tools: An Overview - Cover Image

There’s no denying that email is a huge part of our lives. We receive lots of emails every day – whether its for work, from friends or even from that webshop you purchased from three months back. It is and remains a great way of getting a message across to your target audience without being […]

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Digital Customer Experience – the sum of insight and action


If no action is taken, capturing online customer feedback is just a vanity tool. Equally, if customer feedback is simply stored in a system and nobody looks into it, the organisation is deprived of valuable customer insight. Its common sense to see that action taken on insights almost always leads to a positive outcome when […]

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