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De Jong Intra Vakanties supports online vision with feedback

Hoe klantfeedback de jong intra vakanties ondersteunt - COVER

Having been around for more than 45 years, de Jong Intra Vakanties is one of the most well-known Dutch travel organisations. In fact, earlier this year, the organisation received an 8.9 score from its customers and won the Reisgraag Award in the category: All-round Tour Operator. Travelers who book vacations at de Jong Intra Vakanties […]

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Missed our webinar with major travel organisation TUI?

Mopinion: Missed our webinar with major travel organisation TUI? - Cover

For those of you who missed our latest webinar with special guest from major travel organisation TUI, we’ve got you covered. In this webinar, Mopinion is joined by special guest Marieke Verbossen from major travel organisation and winner of the Shopping Award’s Publieksprijs XL (for Vacations & Travel Tickets), TUI. She shares some interesting details […]

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Alpharooms uses feedback to aid in customer experience initiatives


Alpharooms is one of the UK’s leading websites for discount hotels and flights, offering deals to over 220,000 properties around the world. Online travel bookings has largely become a commoditised marketplace that relies heavily on paid acquisition. Therefore price becomes a major factor in winning business – but in a market this big, no one […]

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Translink provides seamless experience with online feedback


Established in 2001 in the Netherlands, Translink operates as the connecting force behind the OV-chipkaart. One card used for accessing all sorts of public transportation, the OV-chipkaart is an easier and more secure way for people to travel. The OV-chipkaart also allows Dutch public transportation companies to make more efficient use of capacity, resources and […]

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3 ways online feedback can improve your travel app

Mopinion: 3 ways online feedback can improve your travel app - Cover

‘Embrace it or go bust’ – that is the mantra of many travel companies who are currently dealing with a rapidly digitising industry. And what’s becoming apparent is that adapting to this transformation is not so much an option, but rather an indispensable condition if companies want to maintain a competitive edge. According to an […]

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How TUI leverages a multichannel digital feedback solution

Customer Success Story: TUI - Cover image

Discover your smile. Those are the famous words of market leading travel organisation, TUI. Via numerous channels (, TUI travel agencies and the Contact Center), TUI offers a myriad of holiday packages catered to all types of travelers, including sunshine & winter holidays, city trips, weddings, sports & activities, and even flights via its own […]

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Improving travel websites and apps with user feedback

Mopinion: Improving travel websites and apps with user feedback - Cover image

The meaning of travel is steadily being redefined. Travelers nowadays want to have more control over the booking and travel process, which has led them to doing so in an online environment. And as a result, businesses in this industry, if they haven’t already, will need to provide optimal user experiences for their visitors if […]

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Why you should be combining customer profiles with user feedback

Mopinion: Why you should be combining customer profiles with user feedback - Cover image

As shown in a research carried out by Capital One, only 9 percent of travelers will book a trip based on brand loyalty. Tough crowd, right? Absolutely, and the truth is, we’re all susceptible to it. In this industry, people are more inclined to just go with the cheapest option. This is why travel organisations […]

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