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Mopinion: What you (probably) didn’t know

customer feedback forms mopinion

Recently, in a discussion with our customer success team, I was surprised to learn something new about the capabilities of the Mopinion platform. As more and more people adopt our solution, new, original ways of using our feedback forms keep coming to the fore. So, we thought we’d share these use cases with you for […]

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Why real-time feedback is a powerful tool for web developers

Real-time user feedback for web developers

Web developers are a busy bunch. When they’re not debugging pages or writing code, they’re designing new pages and finding new ways to boost page speed. And with this wide range of responsibility, comes an overwhelming urge to fix everything at once. But what if you could identify all of the major issues happening on […]

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Achieving Product-Led Growth With User Feedback

product led growth & feedback

In today’s climate, we see a lot of companies making the switch to a product-led growth strategy. With customer acquisition costs being where they are, and the market constantly brimming with competition, (not to mention decreasing willingness to pay for your product), it’s never been harder for businesses to stand out and grow. And when […]

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Create online content that converts with these user feedback templates

Create content that converts with user feedback

Creating and publishing valuable, relevant, and consistent online content is a great way to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. It’s also one of the key ways in which digital-first businesses drive online conversions – such as signing up for a demo or making a purchase. But you don’t need a lesson from me […]

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Want to increase your survey response rate? Try this…

Increasing your survey response rate

Does your organisation struggle with bringing in enough feedback data? Not sure why your survey response rates are so low? It can be a frustrating situation, especially when you are putting in your all to try and understand and help your customers achieve their online goals. But you’re not alone. This is a problem experienced […]

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Always Stay Up-To-Date With Mopinion’s Changelog and Status Page

user feedback

At Mopinion, we are constantly enhancing our platform with new features and fixes, thanks to the user feedback we collect. Naturally, we want to ensure that you’re always aware of these changes and updates. To make sure that you can always stay in touch with our team, learn about updates and find all the information […]

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Inside Mopinion: Powering UX Design with Feedback

Inside Mopinion: Powering UX Design with Feedback

User experience and feedback. Like many other great combos, one truly cannot survive without the other. UX design is all about providing your users with the information they’re looking for, and doing so in the simplest and most intuitive way possible. Naturally, there are many ways to go about designing a user experience, though, arguably, […]

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What is user feedback? Where and how to collect it

What is user feedback? wat is customer feedback?

Tasked with the ultimate challenge of keeping your customers satisfied and engaged with your brand, you might find that things get a little daunting without the right solution in place. Quantitative analytics tools like Google Analytics can tell you a lot about what is happening on your digital channels, but not why. Thankfully, there’s user […]

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homeQgo taps into the online customer journey with user feedback


Sustainability has – partly due to the climate agreement – been an increasingly popular item on the agenda of many homeowners. In fact, in the Netherlands alone, there are millions of homes that will need to be made more sustainable in the coming years. Many homeowners, however, are either not yet familiar with all of […]

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