Customer Success Story – Schiphol Airport Car Parking

Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a major hub, not only for European passengers but also for passengers arriving and departing from all parts of the world.


As, the fourth biggest airport in Europe, Schiphol caters for over three million passengers each month. Therefore, as well as flights, it has a major ground infrastructure to cater for the movement of people, luggage and freight.

Being 9.1km (5.6 miles) outside Amsterdam city centre and being well connected to the road network of the Netherlands and beyond, car travel is a popular choice for many airport users and Schiphol Airport’s official parking facilities offer a convenient and competitively priced option.

Using the online customer feedback solutions from Mopinion has created a shift in the way we look at customers use our online parking services. In the past we were very focused on our pricing models because we thought that was the most important thing for our customer. But now we are looking more at how our services and propositions are tailored to fit the needs of our customer – ease of use and availability are at least as important as the price.

Joost Schafrat, Transport Advisor for Schiphol Airport

The Need

Whilst Schiphol Airport’s official parking is highly competitive, both in terms of cost and convenience for passengers, it faces stiff competition – including from the Nederlandse Spoorwegen railway station which is directly below the passenger terminal complex and offers intercity connections to Amsterdam Centraal, Utrecht Centraal, both The Hague Centraal and The Hague HS, Rotterdam Centraal, Eindhoven, Groningen, Enschede and Heerlen. Additionally the airport’s railway station also has a connection via the Thalys international high-speed train, connecting it directly to Antwerp, Brussels and Paris. There is also competition from regular bus services, taxis, independent park and ride services and any number of privately run road transport services.

With its website being a chief driver of sales traffic for its onsite car parking, Schiphol Airport was keen to ensure that customers and potential customers were assisted and encouraged to purchase parking services. With a redesign of the booking system pages, Schiphol Airport wanted to gauge exactly how customers experienced the new pages and to ascertain any problems or issues so they could be resolved as quickly as possible – preferably whilst the website visitor was still interested in the service.

The Solution

To get a better idea of customer reactions to its new car parking booking website, Schiphol Airport turned to customer feedback management software specialist Mopinion to provide a set of tools to gain detailed insights into this. Joost Schafrat, Transport Advisor for Schiphol Airport commented, “We were impressed by Mopinion’s flexible and insightful solutions, as well as its impressive customer list. We wanted a solution that would successfully measure our customer’s reactions without causing them inconvenience. We also wanted a solution that could be used across the booking pages of our website to get reactions from various different stages of the booking process and ensure everything was running smoothly.”

Unlike traditional surveys or customer feedback methods, Mopinion’s software enables Schiphol Airport to monitor customer reactions and behaviour as it happens, with the ability to offer bespoke responses or help to website users and retain customers and transactions. A centralised dashboard shows the organisation clearly what is happening and offers both broad and detailed feedback on trends and individual customer needs as they occur. Questions can be produced that are completely tailored to the specific business needs and in the case of Schiphol Airport any pain-points that the customer found with navigating and using the website, as well as wider feedback on availability of parking and pricing. Mopinion worked closely with Schiphol Airport to ensure the feedback questions were closely tied to these specific requirements and that they can be altered in future as the needs of the website development changes.

The Result

Customer feedback via the Mopinion solution has been rapid and highly useful to Schiphol Airport, as Joost Schafrat explained;

Immediately we gained helpful feedback from our customers. One example was that people stopped the booking process because they had problems with our forms for contact details. We also received feedback that same-day bookings were difficult and ensured this was rectified. This increased conversions immediately.

Since introducing the Mopinion solution, Schiphol Airport now receives on average 150 feedbacks per day. It has shifted the way we look at the customer view of our parking services. With the amount of competition in airport transportation we had understandably been heavily focussed on our pricing structure, but now we look much harder at specifically tailoring our service proposition to fit the needs of our customers – which includes convenience and availability as much as price.

The Advantages

The Mopinion solution now gives Schiphol Airport a more rounded view of the customer experience, as Joost Schafrat commented;

Initially we had enabled a feedback box that appeared to website visitors even if they were just browsing. Mopinion’s tools showed that it was time-consuming and off-putting, so we ensured that it was less intrusive and more relevant to the customer visit. We also now collect passive feedback (such as comments about the website and service) rather than just negative feedback or complaints.

This means we can make new changes and tweak them as necessary very quickly, to meet the wishes of our customers, being sure they are working properly. Our contact centre now deals with only a small number of more complicated customer issues.

With its success on the parking section of the website, Schiphol Airport is now assessing whether Mopinion’s systems can be incorporated across other parts of its online business to add value.


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