Code of Ethics

For legal purposes, these documents only available in English.

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Mopinion believes it is essential that its behavior is not only compliant with relevant legislation, but also that all actions should be in line with ethical norms. For many customers and stakeholders this is a high priority in conducting their business. Mopinion makes sure all services and actions comply with high ethical standards and core values that are essential to Mopinion’s business.

By acting according to these ethical standards and core values Mopinion builds trust with all stakeholders.

Our customers get the technological solutions and service they deserve. They get the information that matches their needs and use it to get the results they expect.

Our shareholders contribute to responsible management and help realize a sustainable and transparent service. They are informed in a complete and correct manner about all financial and business information.

Our employees are supported and challenged to develop themselves to the best of their abilities. This is made possible by focusing on a diverse working environment in which all employees are rewarded justly.

Our partners and suppliers are treated in a just and ethical way in which we strive for sustainable relations.

We strive to improve the communities in which we live and work in a socially responsible manner and to minimize the impact of our business on the environment.

Our behavior is inspired by these goals.

Therefore, Mopinion is acting to stimulate and maintain:

  • – A safe working environment in which everybody feels welcome;
  • – A responsible and integer course of action in business;
  • – Building and keep adding value to durable relations based on mutual trust between our clients and ourselves;
  • – Taking professional responsibilities for the safety and integrity of all that is trusted to us by parties we conduct our business with;
  • – Supporting the community in which we conduct business and respecting the environment in which we live.

All acts of Mopinion and its employees are in line with this Ethical Code, no matter the economic circumstances or business opportunities.