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Our feedback experts will show you in a demo just how easy it is to create feedback forms and dashboards as well as conduct analyses to gain those invaluable customer insights.

"We resolved the issue and as a result conversion increased from 0.48% to 3.50%, which translated to more than €900,000 in additional premium turnover. This goes to show that customer feedback can save you a lot of money."

Stefan van Ballegooie,
Conversion Specialist at Allianz

"We chose Mopinion because of its integration with Salesforce and its extensive reporting options. Not to mention, the dashboard is extremely user-friendly and clear."

Nathan Contin,
Customer Service Team Leader at Luxury Escapes

"We’ve seen a 20% increase in satisfaction of our Japanese customers after investing resources into improving the translations — we wouldn’t have known that the translation needed work if we hadn’t done the Mopinion survey."

Silviu Oprean,
Growth Marketing and Translation Manager at MeisterTask

"Listening to our customers allows us to increase the success rates of our experimentation programs significantly. Mopinion provides us with emotional data from our customers, rather than simply numbers."

Davy Schuyt,
CRO Manager at Calvin Klein

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