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Grab a hold of powerful in-app insights

Collect powerful feedback from your native apps with our flexible and easy-to-install SDKs for iOS and Android.

Reach your mobile audience

Reach your mobile audience

Deliver a user-centered mobile experience for your audience.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

All mobile surveys are available in native thanks to our SDK.

Advanced triggering

Advanced triggering

Trigger mobile feedback forms based on certain events in-app.

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Shape your own surveys

With a drag-and-drop user interface, users can quickly and easily build customised surveys, or choose from our extensive library of readily made templates.

Drag and Drop

Pick and choose from a variety of question types (i.e. multiple choice, radio buttons, open comments) and popular metrics (i.e. Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction, Goal Completion Rate).

Breeds of Data

Customise your feedback button and create feedback surveys that integrate with the look and feel of your mobile app for a fully branded mobile experience.

Custom Branding

All surveys adapt seamlessly to any mobile device screen size to ensure optimal usability.

IDK yet

With multi-language support users can add multiple translations to the same survey.

Multi-Language Support
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Generate Context

Couple your in-app feedback with rich metadata such as device type, app version, user info and more, and get straight down to the issue at hand.

Meta Data

Let your app users pinpoint issues for you with mobile, native-specific screen capturing within the device. The screenshot is then submitted alongside the user’s feedback and metadata.


Using advanced question routing, decide which feedback questions to show or hide, based on the input of your users.

Advanced Logic
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Target with Precision

Leverage intelligent targeting based on user events and in-app user behavior using the Mopinion SDK. Decide where your mobile forms should pop up and start gathering truly meaningful insights.

Display Settings

Capture feedback in the moment, discover why users aren’t converting and use these insights to fix the issue on the spot.

Intelligent Targetting

Mopinion offers mobile SDKs for both iOS and Android, to collect in-app feedback with native feedback forms. Or try our React Native and Cordova packages, increasingly popular cross-platform solutions.

Learn more about mobile SDKs

Transform leads into sales

Insights and Action

Collecting feedback is just half the battle. Leverage these insights for growth and improvement.

Learn how Mopinion can help you understand your online customers and use these insights to create the perfect online experience.

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