homeQgo taps into the online customer journey with user feedback

Sustainability has – partly due to the climate agreement – been an increasingly popular item on the agenda of many homeowners. In fact, in the Netherlands alone, there are millions of homes that will need to be made more sustainable in the coming years. Many homeowners, however, are either not yet familiar with all of the options available or see it as an obstacle and don’t feel like going through the ‘hassle’. HomeQgo stands for Home Quality on the Go, and this Dutch company’s mission is making homes more sustainable – with a level of ease and accessibility that makes it possible to do so on the road or from the comfort of your home.

homeQgo recently started working with the Mopinion feedback platform. We spoke to Head of User Experience Lars Harmsen about why they need feedback and how they got started.

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Facing its online challenges

The homeQgo website serves as a platform for visitors to request (personal) advice and quotes (free of charge and without obligation) for the sustainable products they need for their homes. Once the visitor has settled on a solution, they schedule a certified installation partner to come by and survey the house and then install the selected product(s). Leading up to this point in the journey, however, homeQgo wanted to make sure they were providing the best service and clear up any questions and/or doubts visitors were having along the way. They also wanted to know what customers were encountering throughout the journey.

The big challenge? The customer journey at homeQgo is quite complex and sometimes even extends over a span of several years, depending on the type of customer. For example, they work with existing homeowners who have been working towards a major renovation (including sustainability efforts) for a few years, as well as ‘starters’ who’ve obtained sustainability advice through a mortgage advisor and go on to co-finance sustainability measures directly upon purchasing their home.

So how does homeQgo monitor all of these different online journeys and make sure customers are finding their way?

Insight into customer journeys thanks to feedback

Making a home more sustainable does not happen overnight. Many questions arise along the way. What exactly are solar panels and what can they do for me? Is my roof suitable? Will I receive a subsidy?

New terms are emerging and many customers find it difficult to discover what they need and what the options are. These questions, or uncertainties, are all obstacles; obstacles that have the potential to prevent customers from making a well thought out decision regarding the sustainability of their homes.

Customers start an online search for answers and in order to help the customers in the best possible way, it is crucial that homeQgo understands these questions. Quantitative data does not tell you which questions a visitor has on a particular page, or why the visitor did not proceed with installation after receiving the quote. And that is exactly why user feedback is indispensable.

Lars: “Mopinion allows us to ask targeted questions that help us better understand the homeowners. The insights help us identify where and how we can improve the journey so as to better cater to our visitors and their questions.”

We then use the feedback to prioritise the projects and components we are working on. That way we can further optimise our product.

Lars Harmsen, Head of User Experience at homeQgo

Customer feedback therefore plays an important role for this organisation, but why did homeQgo choose Mopinion specifically?

Kickstarting their feedback programme with Mopinion

Having previously collected feedback while working for his former employer, home2go’s Lars Harmsen saw user feedback as a no-brainer. Especially as there was not yet any tool in place for collecting customer feedback.

And despite his familiarity with the various feedback tools on the market, Lars chose to work with Mopinion right off the bat.

“With Mopinion we were able to get started quickly. In the long term we also have many options for further integrating customer feedback into our way of working and setting priorities,” says Lars. “The project is currently still in its infancy, but now that we are working with Mopinion, we will continue to expand this.”

He continues: “This software offers much more options and flexibility than the competition, especially as it pertains to pricing. Mopinion is easy to integrate into our channels and data tools and their support team is always ready to help when needed.”

Lars harmsen homeqgo
Lars Harmsen, Head of User Experience at homeQgo

Stay tuned for more on homeQgo’s feedback journey

Want to follow homeQgo’s feedback story as it unfolds? We aim to catch up with Lars again in the next few months to learn more about their findings. Stay tuned!

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