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Start gathering powerful feedback from your native apps with these flexible and easy-to-install SDKs for in-app feedback.

Reach you mobile audience

Reach your mobile audience

Deliver a user-centered mobile experience for your audience.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

All mobile surveys are available in native thanks to our SDK.

Advanced triggering

Advanced triggering

Trigger mobile feedback forms based on certain events in-app.

Full Native SDKs

iOS SDK Github Mopinion iOS SDK

Our SDK for iOS brings feedback functionality to all of your iOS app users. Boost App Store ratings, collect and respond to customer feedback, show surveys at certain touchpoints within your app and much more.

Android SDK Github Mopinion Android SDK

The mobile feedback SDK for Android offers unparalleled value with advanced mobile feedback forms and native triggering options. Your Android apps will never be the same.

Lightweight SDKs

Try the lightweight package Mopinion iOS SDK

Looking for an SDK that has less of an impact on the size of your mobile app? Our lightweight iOS package provides all of the same benefits as the native SDK without using larger interface libraries, library versioning and other factors that affect app size.

Try the lightweight package Mopinion Android SDK

Our lightweight SDKs offer the best of both worlds. The lightweight Android package allows users to apply native triggers even when the form is loaded into the mobile app as a web-based form, keeping that ‘native interface touch’.

React Native SDK

React Native is becoming an increasingly popular cross-platform solution. Similar to the Android and iOS SDK, this easy to install developer kit brings feedback to your React Native app.

React Native NPM

Mopinion for Apps

Mopinion’s unique mobile feedback solution – Mopinion for Apps – serves up both meaningful and actionable insights into the mobile experience. Users are free to customise their mobile surveys and leverage unparalleled, intelligent targeting based on user events and in-app behaviour.

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Mopinion for Apps

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