Integrations: Connect your favorite tools with Mopinion

Mopinion Integrations

Mopinion integrates seamlessly with your favo digital marketing applications – no technical skills or 3rd party connectors required. Expand your possibilities and connect your apps to Mopinion.

Most popular:

Web Analytics & Data layers:

Connect Mopinion feedback to your Adobe Analytics environment. Compare the results of your feedback forms directly to your Adobe Analytics data.

Link the Mopinion datalayer to your Adobe DTM datalayer. All Mopinion feedback form results can be easily connected to DTM and Tealium.

Have all quantitative feedback results from your Mopinion feedback form available as custom events in Google Analytics, or pick up feedback data from your GTM datalayer.

Mopinion runs smoothly in your GTM. But did you know you can also link all Mopinion feedback data to your GTM Datalayer?

Inbound Leads and CRM:

The Mopinion integration with Salesforce posts feedback directly to your lead section in Salesforce. This way you have your leads and feedback data directly available in SF.

You can use the Mopinion forms and behavioral triggers (such as exit intent in a funnel) to capture fresh leads and link them directly to your Marketo campaigns.

Post your feedback forms with feedback and contact information to your Hubspot account. Feedback data is directly available in HubSpot to take action.

Support & ticketing:

Based on your own criteria, for example when feedback contains contact information, you can automatically send it your favo support tool.

The Mopinion integration with Salesforce posts feedback and contact details directly to a Salesforce Web-to-Case form or Salesforce Desk. Provide support to your customers directly from Salesforce.

Improve your customer support with user feedback from Mopinion. Connect Mopinion directly to your Intercom support queue.

Most CRM and Support tools work with email queues and form handlers to easily handle new feedback requests. You can always use our automated trigger rules for email alerts.

Project Management & Bug tracking:

AB testing and CRO tools:

Tealeaf is mainly used to capture visitor interactions on websites and mobile applications. Connect your Tealeaf recordings to your Mopinion feedback.

See which feedback relates to your A/B testing results. Capture qualitative data to enrich your Optimizely data and look beyond the clicks.

Connect user feedback to your Clicktale sessions and understand the “why” behind your customer’s online journey.

Relate your Mopinion feedback data to VWO A/B testing variations. Our feedback data and analysis solutions offer richer insights than VWO feedback does.

Content management plugins:

Our FREE WordPress plugin enables you to deploy a Mopinion feedback form with visual feedback directly on your WordPress website with just the click of a button. No hassle, we promise.

Get plugin

The Mopinion Lightspeed app integration is FREE to use and makes our user feedback solutions available for thousands of webshops. Search your App Store to install.

Magento is one the most popular open source ecommerce platforms. The FREE Mopinion plugin installs a feedback form directly onto your Magento website.

Sitefinity is a digital experience platform. Download the Mopinion plugin for FREE and optimise the personalized customer experience by collecting feedback and easily turn it into top-notch reports for real-time insights.

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Mobile Native in-app (SDKs)

Mopinion’s mobile feedback SDK for Android offers unparalleled value with advanced mobile feedback feedback forms and native triggering options. Your Android apps will never be the same.

Android SDK Github Try the lightweight package


The Mopinion SDK for iOS brings feedback functionality to all your iOS app users. Use Mopinion to improve your app’s App Store ratings, collect and respond to customer feedback, show surveys at specific points within your app, and more.

iOS SDK Github Try the lightweight package

React Native is becoming an increasingly popular cross-platform solution. Similar to the Android and iOS SDK, this easy to install developer kit brings feedback to your React Native app.

React Native NPM

Other cool stuff:


Looking for a feedback solution that supports Webhooks? We’ve got you covered. Connect your apps to import feedback based on your own criteria. All feedback data will be posted in JSON format to your endpoint of choice…


You got mad software development skills? Why not Do-It-Yourself? Have a look at our Mopinion API documentation. Build your own Mopinion feedback data imports or connect our platform to your apps and enrich your datasets with customer feedback collected by Mopinion.

API documentation

Looking for something else?

Can’t find your integration of choice? Don’t hesitate to contact us. The possibilities of our customisations, APIs and webhooks are endless and not everything is listed in this overview.
We would love to be part of your app ecosystem.


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