Management Team

We don’t have a company mascotte. What we do have is passion for making sense out of data. Especially customer feedback. We have a team of around twenty feedback enthusiasts. The executive team consists of the following three members, each with their own area of expertise:

Udesh Jadnanansing - Revenue & Growth

Udesh Jadnanansing

Co-Founder / Chief of Revenue

Udesh has his Marketing and Communication Science degree from the University of Amsterdam. He founded his first company right after college and also worked in advertising and digital marketing. He loves inventions and old cars.

Floris Snuif - Data science and development

Floris Snuif

Co-Founder / Chief of Technology

Floris has a background in application development. He has worked for several tech startups and web agencies. He likes his dogs from Mexico (Chihuahua), his cars and furniture from Sweden.

Kees Wolters - Product and marketing

Kees Wolters

Co-Founder / Chief of Marketing

Kees has a background in web design and UX. After working for a number of web agencies he held digital marketing positions at Philips and USG Marketing. His skills on the guitar aren’t too bad.

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