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We don’t have a company mascot. What we do have is passion for making sense out of data. Especially customer feedback.

Executive Board

We have a team of over thirty feedback enthusiasts. The executive team consists of the following three members, each with their own area of expertise:

Udesh Jadnanansing - Revenue & Growth

Udesh Jadnanansing

Chief of Revenue

Udesh has his Marketing and Communication Science degree from the University of Amsterdam. He founded his first company right after college and also worked in advertising and digital marketing. He loves inventions and old cars.

Floris Snuif - Data science and development

Floris Snuif

Chief of Technology

Floris has a background in application development. He has worked for several tech startups and web agencies. He likes his dogs from Mexico (Chihuahua), his cars and furniture from Sweden.

Kees Wolters - Product and marketing

Kees Wolters

Chief of Marketing & Product

Kees has a background in web design and UX. After working for a number of web agencies he held digital marketing positions at Philips and USG Marketing. His skills on the guitar aren’t too bad.

Non-Executive board

Erwin van der Veen - Capital Mills

Erwin van der Veen

Capital Mills / Partner

Erwin founded three investment funds and has over 15+ years experience as a technology investor. Being a former IT guy himself, Erwin advises the Mopinion team on all technology matters.

Barry de Kock - Capital Mills

Barry de Kock

Capital Mills / Investment Manager

With a Master’s degree in Finance and over 5 years experience as a venture capitalist, Barry works closely with and advises the Mopinion team on commercial and financial matters.

Cees Meeuwis - Capital Mills

Cees Meeuwis

Enertel Holding N.V. / Co-Founder

Cees Meeuwis is an investor and has held senior management positions in the telecom industry in the past. He is the current chairman of the Society for Industry and Trade, though he is mainly active as an investor and advisor.


Luke Price - Head of Sales

Luke Price

Head of Sales

Luke has a background in sales and consulting. After emigrating to the Netherlands Luke forged a career in the SaaS space consulting with many international enterprises such as SAP, Microsoft, Samsung and many more. He loves to eat Chocolate and talk Watches.

Rudo de Graaf - Head of Customer Success

Rudo de Graaf

Head of Customer Success

Rudo worked in customer-centric and sales roles within various international industries. He has a wants to bring joy and satisfaction to all our customers. In his free time, you’ll probably find him cooking, drinking, eating cheese or travelling.

Pieter Hotke - Head of Customer Support

Pieter Hotke

Head of Customer Support

After graduating with a bachelor in Business Administration Studies and working briefly in the financial sector, Pieter joined Mopinion. In his spare time, he’s out on the hockey field, both as a player and supporter of his two daughters. He’s also the owner of Mopinion’s well-loved office dog Bobby.

Quirijn van der Haven - Head of Marketing

Quirijn van der Haven

Head of Marketing

Quirijn studied International Marketing Management and Data-Driven Marketing. He has worked for several different SaaS companies, all but one with the intention and scope to grow internationally. Having studied in both Rotterdam and Ghent, Quirijn has adopted a taste for Belgian beer and music.

Anwar Jebali - Head of Development

Anwar Jebali

Head of Development

Anwar has a background in user experience design and frontend development. He branched out to full stack development during his time at Mopinion and has been with the company since right after it was founded. He has a passion for everything tech.

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