Insights & Action

Take full control of your feedback data with all the best data visualisation and action management tools at your fingertips.

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Reporting & Analysis

Design your feedback dashboard in a layout that works for you. Visualise the data in customisable charts using metrics suitable to your goals.

Drag and Drop

Cross-tab and drill down on data. Compare different variables such as URLs, browsers and device types. Zoom in on relevant trends and click right through to the details.

Breeds of Data

Easily browse through all your feedback items with our intuitive feedback inbox. Search, filter and organise your feedback.

Custom Branding

Our data explorer offers a unique way of exploring data visually and drilling down on particular feedback items instantly (by applying filters and calculations) without having to edit the existing charts.

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Easily manage your feedback data coming in from different countries or in different languages and obtain a more holistic and global overview of your feedback program.

Multi-country & multi-language reporting
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Text & Sentiment Analysis

Quickly digest large sums of unstructured data and texts (i.e. open comments) using our advanced text analytics.

Meta Data

Based on machine learning techniques, our platform automatically groups open comments by category (using labels).


Gain access to key insights using sentiment analysis and monitor progress on sentiment over time.

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Collaborate & Engage

We let feedback flow through your company, making sure it’s delivered from point A to point B. Track actions, write notes, set reminders and visualise progress.

Display Settings

Our system notifies you as soon as anything important happens through live, proactive email alerts, webhooks and notifications.

Intelligent Targetting

Directly engage with the customer through the Mopinion platform. We make it possible to act on the feedback you receive.

Transform leads into sales

Love your Project Management tools? Import tasks for your team members directly into apps like Trello, Jira or Asana.


Set permissions to keep private information private and enable access to relevant areas of our solutions’ functionality. Offering complete flexibility by supporting every use case and user type, ensure your data and information is safe with custom access groups.

Advanced user management

Mopinion plays well with others

From web analytics and CRM tools to Project Management and A/B Testing, we integrate seamlessly with all of your favorite digital marketing tools.

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