Boost engagement within email campaigns

It’s not just about clicks or opens anymore. Start sending the right message to your audience.

Mopinion for Email

It can be a challenge to meet your customers’ needs if you’re not sending the right message. Start delivering email messages your audience craves with email campaign feedback.
Mopinion for Email helps you gain insight into what your audience truly values, giving you the means to bring positive change to your email campaigns and services. Understand how your readers perceive your emails and eliminate assumptions when it comes to your email content.

Easy implementation

Easy implementation

Easily place feedback widgets in any of your emails.

Send the right messag

Send the right message

Deliver email content that your audience truly wants to read.

Boost engagement

Boost engagement

Give your audience a voice and learn what works and what doesn’t.

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Shape your own surveys

With a drag-and-drop user interface, users can quickly and easily build customised surveys, or choose from our extensive library of readily made templates.

Drag and Drop

Create feedback surveys that integrate with the look and feel of your email for a fully branded experience.

Breeds of Data

All Mopinion surveys are fully responsive and adapt seamlessly to any device screen size (i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile) to ensure optimal usability.

Custom Branding
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Build forms you love

Pick and choose from a variety of question types (i.e. thumbs, multiple choice, radio buttons, open comments) and popular metrics (i.e. Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction, Goal Completion Rate).

Meta Data

Using advanced question routing, decide which feedback questions to show or hide, based on the input of your users.


Setup couldn’t be any easier! Simply copy the email HTML widget from the Mopinion platform and paste it into any email template.

Advanced Logic
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Generate Context

Pass metadata from emails to your survey using URL parameters, such as name, campaign ID, email address, customer segments, marketing personas and more.

Display Settings

Integrate customer feedback data with your favourite email marketing or CRM tool and enrich your campaigns and customer data with valuable VoC insights.

Intelligent Targetting

Insights and Action

Collecting feedback is just half the battle. Leverage these insights for growth and improvement.

Learn how Mopinion can help you understand your online customers and use these insights to create the perfect online experience.

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