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Conversational Feedback

Collect better user feedback with chat-like feedback forms!

Prioritise your online customers

Increase Customer Engagement

Gain meaningful CX insights

Build Programmable Conversations

Deliver a smooth online journey

Easy to Install

Directly available to all users and trials

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Leverage the power of conversation

Combining chat technology with the simplicity of the Mopinion survey builder, Conversational Feedback is our newest solution to tuning into your customers in a casual, fun and non-invasive way. Capture feedback via a personalised experience that will leave your users feeling as though they were chatting with a colleague.

Engage with your audience easily

With the casual look-and-feel, Conversational Feedback forms offer a more seamless and frictionless way of collecting online feedback. Keeping the easy-to-implement design of our standard surveys, conversational forms can be created to blend in with a website or app, as much (or as little) as desired.

Align your teams

Effortless, no-code logic

The user-friendly logic allows our users to create the feeling of a real two-way conversation. Logic is then mapped out for you in an easy-to-understand table. Visualise the routes your survey will follow, zoom in or out, or drag the various question routes in order to make it as clear as you need it to be. Before you know it, you’re building complex conversational scripts, without needing to code, at all.

Step 1

Easily drag-and-drop survey elements

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Step 2

Visualise form flows with our logic ‘tree’

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Step 3

Deploy instantly

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“With the help of Mopinion, we can bring the Voice of the Customer to Beerwulf, while not bothering our customers too much. We are confident that with targeted surveys and polls, our visitors will feel like they are in an online dialogue with us and truly feel that their opinion is valued.”

Lars Harmsen

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