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Deliver a premium user experience with a customer-first approach

Customer Experience Professional
Prioritise your online customers

Deliver better digital products

Gain meaningful CX insights

Prioritise based on customer needs

Deliver a smooth online journey

Make quick, data-driven product innovations

Deliver the product experience your users crave

Performance is no longer your only concern. Thanks to rising customer expectations, you and your rivals must now compete on experience too. With Mopinion you can stay ahead of the game by incorporating user feedback into every decision and getting the story behind the data. Easily analyse trends and discover how your customers perceive your user experience so that you can prioritise flow improvements and new features.

Insights catered to your digital strategy

Ensure a flawless user onboarding

First impressions are everything. Leverage insights directly from users to fortify your user onboarding process and drive growth. Mopinion gives you the tools you need to capture meaningful feedback in the moment, leaving no more room for doubt. Gather insights into content clarity, platform bugs and much more.

Pamper your users with top-notch usability

Allow your users to accomplish their tasks with zero frustration. Mopinion’s real time feedback helps you identify bug issues, keeping your product running smoothly. Leverage unique features such as visual feedback (a screenshot of the page element alongside qualitative feedback) and get direct insights into the hurdles your visitors encounter.

Pamper your users with top-notch usability
Mopinion Integrations

Empower your team with smooth workflows

Keep your product team in the loop and allow user feedback to flow smoothly throughout your organisation. Set up access groups to manage your users, ensuring the right people can access the relevant insights. Work with a project management, agile and /or bug tracking tool? Integrate it with Mopinion!

Enterprise-Level Security, Privacy and Accessibility

Mopinion is devoted to protecting your data and adhering to the strictest security, privacy and accessibility policies. We offer peak security accreditation with ISO 27001: 2017 and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We also offer improved accessibility to all types of web users with WCAG 2.1 Level AA certification.

ISO 27001: 2017 GDPR security Accessibility

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