How MeisterTask transformed its user experience with Mopinion feedback

MeisterTask is a beautifully designed and incredibly intuitive task management tool. Their mission? To help teams stay aligned when working collaboratively on an easy to use, beautifully designed software tool. And that is precisely why MeisterTask has employed Mopinion as its user feedback software for nearly two years now. Mopinion enables the team at MeisterTask to understand how their users interact with their applications and therefore, provide its users with a superior user experience.

Within MeisterTask, projects can be customised to suit any workflow, from software sprints to sales funnels, and from editorial calendars to your company’s onboarding process. Teams can collaborate on one simple platform, where they can communicate, work together on tasks, and easily track the time they spend on them.

So how does MeisterTask leverage insights from feedback to keep its user experience up to the standards of its users?

We care a lot about design and simplicity and want to offer the best experience possible to our users.

Silviu Oprean, Growth Marketing and Translation Manager, MeisterTask

In this article, MeisterTask’s Growth Marketing and Translation Manager Silviu Oprean shares their feedback story.

Improving the user experience

MeisterTask is no newcomer when it comes to collecting and analysing user feedback. In fact, prior to working with Mopinion, they were using another software; one which (unfortunately for them) didn’t offer the amount of the customisation options MeisterTask needed. Hence their switch to a new tool…

Because MeisterTask places a heavy importance on user experience and customer satisfaction, they set out to learn a bit more about their users and identify which obstacles they were running into with the software.

In general, the team also wanted to understand what their users like and don’t like about the tool, and then use that feedback to make improvements.

An example of a MeisterTask Survey
Example of a survey assessing the Agenda feature within MeisterTask.

Once a user signs up to MeisterTask, the idea is for that user to be set up and working in a matter of minutes. Setting up within the tool means creating one’s first project using a Kanban-style board, setting up a unique workflow using sections, filling up those sections with tasks and finally, inviting the rest of the team to join. As ideas do not often reflect reality — truly understanding how the user behaved within the tool was key.

MeisterTask needed a solution that would help them get this valuable information and that could be customised to suit their particular needs.

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A flexible and customisable solution for the win!

“Mopinion offers a lot of features that make the tool much more valuable than its competitors. One of most attractive features for us, in fact, was the amount of customisation options available. Customisation options such as the conditional statements, custom CSS and the option to collect website data in the form have allowed us to easily integrate Mopinion surveys into our user interface.”

This gives MeisterTask a great deal of flexibility when setting up surveys.

Meister collects Net Promoter Score (or NPS) feedback regularly from their customers to make sure the general satisfaction is high.

Example of MeisterTask's NPS Survey
Example of an NPS feedback survey.

“We do this in-app by using the NPS element offered by Mopinion and then we ask an open question where we let users give us more details about what they like and dislike. Additionally, we take advantage of the cool integrations Mopinion provides and use a Slack channel to collect and regularly review the most important feedback we get from our users.”

MeisterTask collects this feedback by way of slide-in surveys which are triggered proactively – when users get to know their tool well enough.

Game-changing insights

Mopinion has really helped us improve MeisterTask in terms of the features we provide and the level of user experience we offer.

Through Mopinion, MeisterTask has also been given the insights they needed to improve a number of translations within the app.

“We offer our application in eleven different languages. We used Mopinion to ask our users to rate the accuracy of our translations. Thanks to that survey and the user input it provided, we were able to improve our French and Japanese translations.”

Oprean shares that it’s hard to say which factors contributed most towards their improved NPS score, but that all of the feedback has been valuable in one way or another.

“We’ve seen a 20% increase in satisfaction of our Japanese customers after investing resources into improving the translations — we wouldn’t have known that the translation needed work if we hadn’t done the Mopinion survey.”

As a fellow SaaS solution, Mopinion is proud to be the user feedback software provider for MeisterTask.

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