How Calvin Klein makes data-driven decisions with Mopinion

Calvin Klein is one of the most recognised fashion houses of today. Famous for their iconic underwear, Calvin Klein offers clothing, footwear, jewellery as well as fragrances. From a digital perspective, Calvin Klein places a lot of value on data-driven decision making. They do this by not only monitoring quantitative behavioural data, but also by gathering qualitative insights obtained through listening to their customers.

In this customer story, Davy Schuyt, CRO Manager at Calvin Klein sheds some light on how Mopinion feedback plays into this VoC programme.

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Making data-driven decisions a reality

“Within Calvin Klein we place a lot of value on data-driven decision making. This is why we aim to validate all our ideas before we choose to implement them.”

In order to come up with valid ideas that move the site forward, I believe 80% of the effort is simply to listen to your customers. They talk to you through their actions, interactions, engagements and other data they leave behind. However, this can leave room for interpretation as well as emotions being hard to track. This is why we need a way to get in touch with our consumer, so we can answer the “why” to the “what”

Davy Schuyt, CRO Manager at Calvin Klein

“People move about the website very differently based on their goals and personal backgrounds, making it increasingly more important to be able to ask the right question at the right time. Mopinion allows us to target on a granular level, allowing us to dive deeper into certain topics.”

One of the biggest obstacles however for Calvin Klein is understanding why people do what they do.

“Some actions will be conscious and some unconscious. No one will say they are missing an unexpected recommendation or a convincing piece of social proof, but when presented with them will respond positively. It is up to us to identify why people behave their certain way and then find the proof that supports the solutions we’d like to explore.”

A more advanced and targeted solution

Calvin Klein landed on Mopinion as it’s user feedback solution provider for a number of reasons. Mopinion knows how important the shopping experience for retail and e-commerce is.

The setup seemed more advanced, allowing us to better target surveys on subsections of our visitors, allowing us to identify the thoughts not only in our visitors, but in different segments of our visitors.

“I open the tool interface about once a week. However, we have multiple surveys running at all times. We permanently feature a default feedback button across the website, as well as a permanent survey on the Payment page checking for payment problems (after a set of rules has been met) as well as a survey on the Confirmation page, asking our visitors to recall their shopping experience.

Calvin Klein feedback survey

Additionally, Calvin Klein runs surveys on different campaigns and releases, to see how they are received.

A practical glance at how Calvin Klein gathers user feedback

According to Davy, “the shorter a survey, the more chance someone fills it in. The longer the survey, the more information we get. Generally we keep the questions to a max of 3, but we always include a field for open input. It’s important that we can categorise the answers, but more important that people don’t feel like they have to change their opinion to fit a predetermined answer. As per the activation, we go through our qualitative data sources to ascertain at what point a visitor is most likely to run into an issue that we are trying to solve. That can be on a certain page landing, but also after a certain time, or a certain action taken. That is when we will launch the survey.”

Listening to our customers allows us to test solutions specific to the problems they are facing. This in turn increases the success rate of our experimentation program significantly, as well as allows us to provide other teams with emotional data, rather than simply numbers.

Analysing the results

Calvin Klein is very systematic and precise when it comes to analysing their feedback data.

“Every two months we analyse the Confirmation Page, Payment Page and General Feedback surveys. We compare this with previous months to see if persistent errors are diminishing and which new ones are arising. We tend to analyse one-off surveys as soon as possible and use those to fuel our testing roadmap and future campaign implementations.”

All of these are then shared company-wide, since a lot of the learnings are applicable across the board.

Calvin Klein model

Calvin Klein’s most interesting findings since using Mopinion

Though they haven’t been working with Mopinion for long, Davy shares a long list of interesting findings Calvin Klein has since gathered:

“We found a big credit card payment issue that was caused simply by an unexpected glitch in the user interface – no bugs involved! After solving it we saw a massive increase in successful payments again.

Calvin Klein has learned that while their model images are greatly appreciated, more diversity in body types is something people respond to very well, which is a large focus for Calvin Klein in the coming year.

“As time goes on, we also see more and more callouts towards sustainability – something we’re already doing, but wanting to make more visible.”

A special thanks to Davy Schuyt and the Calvin Klein Customer Experience team for these great insights! Mopinion looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

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