SportScheck conquers the sports industry in the DACH region with Mopinion

With 34 branches in Germany and an online shop with over 35,000 articles from 500+ brands available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, SportScheck is one of the largest sports retailers in the DACH region. The organisation has recently set out to become the meeting place for all things sport-related. In this customer story we will take a closer look at how they plan on making this dream a reality with the help of online user feedback.

Mopinion recently spoke with Bastian Linder, Head Of User Experience & Customer Service at SportScheck to get the details…

Sportscheck Köln
SportScheck Affiliate

While SportScheck has only been using Mopinion for a short time, this is by no means the first time the company has gathered feedback. In the past, SportScheck also used other tools to find out very specific information from a target group. In fact, they have already carried out tests in their emails to find out, for example, which information must be available in order to simplify the purchase of a running shoe in their webshop. And it is precisely these types of targeted and segmented email surveys that they would like to carry out again with Mopinion in the future.

Their Head of User Experience also expressed quite a bit of interest in leveraging feedback to optimise the website as well as discover why certain website visitors aren’t converting.

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Why Mopinion?

We asked Bastian why SportScheck selected Mopinion as its go-to user feedback software. Here’s what he had to say…

We chose Mopinion because feedback is one of our most important tasks in user experience research. We have a whole portfolio of different types of methods, from very qualitative methods such as user labs to purely quantitative ones such as AB tests. We use surveys for both qualitative (to answer the “why”) and quantitative questions (to answer the “how much”).

Among other things, the price-performance ratio was ideal for SportScheck.

Bastian shared that he believes Mopinion has all the features that a company like SportScheck needs on a regular basis. Ease of use was also an important factor for them. Because the tool is also used by other employees from various teams without market research experience, it should – above all – be understandable and have an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

SportScheck leverages a wide variety of feedback surveys

SportScheck collects feedback on all product descriptions. To make sure that all product descriptions correspond with what the website visitors really want to know, SportScheck leverages a customised Mopinion feedback form. They ask “How would you rate this product description?” with options between 1-5 stars.

Here’s how this looks on their website:

SportScheck Feedback Example Website
Source: SportScheck

They also use feedback to measure the value of their search results. At the end of every search for an article in the webshop, visitors will find a survey asking “How satisfied are you with the search result?”. In this way, the user experience team can always monitor whether the search function is working properly.

Here’s how this looks on their website:
Source: SportScheck

And lastly, SportScheck uses Mopinion internally to send an onboarding survey by email, but more on this in our next joint blog post…

Stay tuned and always up to date on our Mopinion blog to find out more about SportScheck’s feedback journey. Our thanks go out to Bastian and SportScheck for the interesting insights and for giving us a taste of SportScheck’s big plans with Mopinion.

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