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Get the inside scoop on how your customers experience your website so that you can drive strategy and boost engagement.

Mopinion for Websites

As more transactions and experiences move online, your website performance has become increasingly critical to your success. And sure, you’ve got your hard website data, but where’s the story behind it?
Mopinion for Websites is your solution for delivering an outstanding online experience to your website visitors and customers. Capture the Voice of Customer in the moment and discover what it is your audience needs in order to meet their online goals.

Deliver Context

Delivers Context

Understand why your customers do what they do on your website.

Boosts Conversions

Boosts Conversions

Let customers guide you by telling you what they need to convert.

Drives Engagement

Drives Engagement

Leverage top-tier reporting tools to truly engage with customers.

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Shape your own surveys

With a drag-and-drop user interface, users can quickly and easily build customised surveys, or choose from our extensive library of readily made templates.

Drag and Drop feedback form builder

Pick and choose from a variety of question types (i.e. multiple choice, radio buttons, open comments) and popular metrics (i.e. Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, Customer Satisfaction, Goal Completion Rate).

all Breeds of Data

Customise your feedback button and create feedback surveys that integrate with the look and feel of your website for a fully branded experience.

Custom Branding

All Mopinion surveys are fully responsive and adapt seamlessly to any device screen size (i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile) to ensure optimal usability.

Responsive Forms

With multi-language support users can add multiple translations to the same survey.

Multi-Language Support
Website Overlay Website Form
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Generate Context

Pair your feedback with metadata (i.e. user agent, device type, screen resolution and more), Javascript variables, cookies and/or data stored in Google Tag Manager and immediately get to the root of the issue.

Connected with Meta Data

Users can simply point and click on page elements and submit this visual feedback alongside other details such as HTML and metadata – device, screen resolution and more.

Select elements in screenshots

Using advanced question routing, decide which feedback questions to show or hide, based on the input of your users.

Advanced Logic

Integrate quantity with quality and use your web analytics and feedback tools side by side.

Connect web analytics tools
Website Form
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Target with Precision

Decide on the position of your feedback buttons and choose whether your form is opened in a modal, as a slide-in form or embedded on the page.

Display Settings

Leverage intelligent targeting based on live events and online customer behavior. Ask questions on specific pages based on this data for truly meaningful insights.

Intelligent Targetting

Test your website feedback forms on your own site with the Mopinion exclusive Deployment Assistant. Verify that they work and look as intended before you launch them to your visitors.

Optimal control over your feedback forms

Easily manage all feedback surveys from one single Javascript tag and get more relevant and meaningful feedback. Add various feedback forms to one single tag and use our triggers to decide where to show them.


Insights and Action

Collecting feedback is just half the battle. Leverage these insights for growth and improvement.

Learn how Mopinion can help you understand your online customers and use these insights to create the perfect online experience.

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