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Discover how Etos stays in touch with their online customers

Etos is a huge household name in the Netherlands and rightly so. This drugstore has been around for more than 100 years and has over 550 stores in the country. You don’t make it that far without continuously delivering the best customer experience possible!

Even though Etos has existed for over 100 years, the webshop is rather new. Emiel Hoosemans, Lead Conversion Specialist at Etos, explains that it was launched in 2019, just before the COVID outbreak.

Emiel Hoosemans, Lead Conversion Specialist at Etos

With this unexpected turn of events, Etos’ customers’ needs changed significantly. Suddenly they required products like hand sanitizers, COVID tests and face masks to be delivered straight to their front door. In turn, this meant that the website experienced an explosive level of growth shortly after it went live and the need for customer feedback software arose. And this is where Mopinion entered the picture!

“We went from a pure content platform, with just the opening hours of our stores, to a webshop. Therefore, we didn’t know what our customers required from our website. There was a need to gather feedback as fast as possible to learn and improve our shopping experience.”

How does Etos work with Mopinion?

So how does Etos make sure to collect the data they need? Emiel explains that they use Mopinion in multiple ways to understand their customers.

First of all, customer feedback is collected in critical moments. For example, in the checkout process, when the customer shows exit-intent and on the ‘Thank you’ page. The intention is to understand how the online customer journey is experienced and to make meaningful improvements to the website.

“For example, the CES (Customer Effort Score) feedback form on the ‘Thank you’ page measures the ease of ordering online. We also ask the customer about their overall experience here.”

Example of an exit-intent feedback form from Etos
An example of a feedback form that is triggered by exit-intent.

The second part is regarding the content Etos provides online to advise customers on different topics, like health, beauty, etc. All their articles and videos have an embedded form with a thumbs up and a thumbs down, asking how useful the content was for the visitor. By doing this, Mopinion helps Etos gauge if their information is up to date. Emiel explains:

“As soon as we see that the quality of the content is decreasing, we examine if there is something we can improve or if there are outdated topics.”

Etos advice content feedback
An embedded form under a video on, offering information on skincare ingredients.

Thirdly, Etos also uses Mopinion to collect customer feedback on a more ad hoc basis. For example, if they want to research a subject, like how to improve the filters on their website.

Mopinion forms are then deployed with custom triggers. A form could for example be shown when the customer chooses a specific filter but doesn’t perform an action that was expected or desired. Like clicking a product or adding something to their cart. By collecting insights on why this action wasn’t done, Etos can then optimise the filtering based on their findings.

Collecting and analyzing feedback in multiple layers like this ensures that Etos always delivers the best customer experience possible!

Etos conversational feedback form
To collect general feedback, Etos uses a conversational feedback form on their homepage.

Customer Feedback as AI quality control: 467% increase in click through rate

Etos currently has several exciting customer feedback projects going on. An especially interesting one is in regards to a new AI feature in their search results model. By using Mopinion in combination with AI, Etos has seen a 40% uplift in click-through rate for category suggestions and 467% on product suggestions. Those are some impressive numbers!

So how does it work? Imagine that you search for a product on that they don’t offer. Usually, you would get a ‘no results’ answer. But not anymore! The AI will instead suggest categories or products that might be similar to your search term. Super handy, right?

It is, however, hard for Etos to gauge or measure the quality of that AI recommendation. This is where Mopinion comes into the picture:

“We use Mopinion to ask customers what they think of the suggestions. Then we review the results monthly and look at the ratings of all the matches to see if we can improve anything.

But normally when the suggestions are poor, it means that the AI is having a hard time matching anything against our products, articles or videos. Which means that the model is working.“

Etos search bar feedback form

Emiel points out that coming to this conclusion was only possible with the help of customer feedback.

“This allows us to optimise search terms with very low volume, which we would never get to with manual optimisation. But Mopinion, in combination with AI, helps us see what we would otherwise be missing.”

What’s next for Etos?

The next exciting project for Etos is setting up feedback collection for their new mobile app, which can be used to shop and browse products. Up until recently, Etos has only used Mopinion on the website but is now in the process of implementing our feedback forms in the app too.

“As the app is quite new, traffic levels still need to catch up, which we expect to happen shortly. We are currently implementing the native app feedback forms through the SDK, which will give a more native experience for customers when providing feedback. Setting this up will help us prioritise our backlog and determine which priority we give different features,” Emiel says.

As you can tell, Etos has been using Mopinion and collecting digital feedback for quite a while. They have a thorough strategy for keeping in contact with their customers and integrating their feedback to optimise the customer journey.

We are more than curious to see the new app with all the feedback forms live!

Thank you to Emiel Hoosemans and the Etos team for helping us tell their story.

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