How SUPER RTL keeps a pulse on user satisfaction

How SUPER RTL keeps a pulse on user satisfaction

TOGGO – a brand by Germany’s leading kids’ entertainment provider SUPER RTL – offers television programming as well as a gamified and engaging platform for both web and mobile. In 2021 and 2022 the TOGGO website and app (respectively) were officially relaunched, allowing TOGGO to break new ground with its wide-ranging cross-content offering. The website and mobile app include an array of videos, games, audiobooks and their own radio station – which makes it a great place for children’s entertainment.

Engineered with new technology, all this app was missing was a flexible and user-friendly solution for measuring user satisfaction. Daniel Haupt (Product Owner at SUPER RTL) and his team therefore invested in a feedback solution to help guide them in the realisation of their online goals.

Here’s their feedback story…

In search of flexibility and good service

Built completely from scratch, it’s no surprise that TOGGO didn’t yet have a proper feedback solution in place. Knowing Mopinion from his past career, Daniel Haupt quickly arrived at the conclusion that Mopinion might be a suitable solution for the TOGGO app.

TOGGO’s requirements? A flexible solution that helps the team gain insights into various facets of the website and app. This includes: measuring general user happiness, uncovering feature insights for the product backlog, conducting market research, fake door testing and much more. They also needed a solution that met their needs in terms of data privacy.

We really enjoy the level of flexibility the Mopinion software offers. We can quickly and easily deploy a wide variety of feedback forms with different goals across both our website and in our app.

Daniel Haupt, Product Owner at SUPER RTL

“We are also really satisfied with the responsiveness of the Mopinion support team. This has helped us get surveys up and running quickly and effectively.”

So how does TOGGO use Mopinion?

Daniel shares that TOGGO uses Mopinion in a wide variety of ways. This is probably because there are multiple teams within the organisation that are interested in these different feedback insights, including the Insights- , Product-, Marketing- and Sales teams.

“We have been using website forms for about six months now and that’s been going really well. We also use these forms in webview for our mobile users. However, we hope to switch over to the SDK in the coming months so that we can gain access to even more styling and triggering options and create a really seamless feedback experience in-app.”

“Many more children are increasingly using apps as they prefer their tablets and phones (iOS and Android) over a laptop or PC. This means that we need to cater to those needs and continue investing more in our app.”

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways in which TOGGO uses Mopinion:

General happiness forms

First and foremost, TOGGO makes use of a general happiness form. This is essentially a customer satisfaction survey that helps TOGGO keep a pulse on the satisfaction of its users. It’s a simple thumbs up / thumbs down survey which gives the team the opportunity to measure sentiment over time.

“We have this form running on our site all the time, but in order to avoid interfering with the user experience, we have it set at a low targeting rate of 5%.”

TOGGO General Happiness Form
The General Happiness Form on the TOGGO homepage

In addition to the thumbs up/down question, users are allowed to provide open feedback about why they liked or disliked their “Today-Experience”. This type of feedback is really valuable to TOGGO when it comes to their solution. The accompanying metadata lets them easily cluster the feedback and pinpoint problems on certain devices.

“What we also really like about Mopinion is that we can see all of the metadata that is submitted with a feedback item. So for example, when we received feedback regarding the video playback, we could also see useful information that would help us reproduce the problem, such as the platform and which browser the user was on. This led to a quick resolution of the issue and a happy user.”

Product insights for the backlog

TOGGO also leverages a number of surveys for product improvement purposes. For example, they have a poll which helps them prioritise their product backlog by offering a selection of likely planned features for the near future. Receiving feedback on the needs of the target group regarding these features offers a valuable priorisation aspect for their backlog.

The team also makes use of feature-related feedback surveys. These are surveys that are triggered (using the Mopinion integration with Adobe Target) based on a certain action on page. Once the user answers a question, the form appears.

TOGGO Product Backlog Insights Form

But perhaps one of the most interesting ways of defining where their product roadmap is headed is TOGGO’s use of fake door testing.

Fake door testing
“Fake door testing is a great way for us at TOGGO to see how potential features might fare among our users.”

Basically how it works is that TOGGO essentially ‘fakes’ a functionality on their website or in-app and when a user clicks on the functionality they are led to a message. If they click through, the user is shown a dialogue informing about the fact that this feature is only in the planning stages as of now. Also, it provides them with the opportunity to give some additional feedback on how they would like to use the functionality. This is a great indicator of how well the feature might perform, or how desirable it is (based on conversions).

Here’s an example of how this looks on their app.
TOGGO fake door testing

Market research

Additionally, TOGGO uses Mopinon for market research purposes.

This method is – for example – used for TOGGO GG, a completely new offering on the platform (since late Spring 2023).

“We know that for our target group, gaming plays a large role in their lives. So we use market research to find out more about their favourite games and online games like Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc, as well as their favourite Youtube content creators so that in the end we are able to put the type of content on our platforms that the kids will really enjoy.

TOGGO market research survey

Putting these insights to work

As you can see, TOGGO uses the Mopinion software in lots of different ways. And despite only using the software for six months so far, the team has been able to make a lot of improvements to their product offering. In fact, the response rates from users have been quite impactful on the insights they have obtained. For example, in just two days time, one of their feature-related feedback surveys received nearly 300 responses!

We are really happy with the insights rolling in from our feedback forms thus far. There is a lot of useful data that helps us prioritise our backlog and guide the team in terms of how to proceed with our digital channels.

Special thanks to Daniel Haupt and the TOGGO team for helping us write their story.

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