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The Digital Experience Awards 2023 took place on November 30th and was hosted by our partner, Digital Experience Analytics platform Contentsquare. The créme de la créme of digital experiences were celebrated and it was certainly a night to remember.

In light of these festivities, and as proud sponsor of the event, we’d like to take a moment and shine the spotlight on what we think is the partnership of the year: Mopinion and Contentsquare!

By using both solutions, you get actionable insights that allow you to close the digital experience loop. The Mopinion and Contentsquare combination gives you in-depth feedback and meaningful context from your online customer journey. This allows you to see what happens before, during and after a user leaves feedback on your website.

Keep reading to find out exactly how the combination of digital user feedback and real-time website/app data can improve your digital experience and close the loop.

The problem: Finding the pain-points

In order to improve your customer experience you need to know what your pain points are. Which complications arise, where do visitors run into problems and what are the most common causes of frustrations? But in order to make impactful decisions and changes, you also need to give your customers a voice. They are the only ones who can tell you exactly what they want and expect from your website.

The solution: Listen, quantify and visualise!

Mopinion and Contentsquare work together in order to provide you with impactful customer experience data. Quantify your feedback, visualise the most common paths to customer frustrations and get straight to the root cause of the problem.

feedback example

The benefits

Uncover your biggest frustration points

Collecting feedback with Mopinion unlocks important insights, like identifying frequently occurring issues. Contentsquare’s reverse journey analysis then takes this knowledge one step further by showing you the most common paths that lead up to these complaints. Combined you get actionable insights that improve your overall customer experience.

Reconstruct visitor sessions

Want to catch bugs early on? There is no better way to create a foolproof site than by letting your customers report issues themselves. By combining Contentsquare and Mopinion, you can reconstruct individual visitor sessions and see which actions led to a specific feedback item. This lets you catch bugs, frustrations and pain points in a quick and efficient manner.

Segment your feedback

Create segments and visualise the customer journey for:

  • Specific feedback scores: This allows you to see how happy customers’ digital experiences differ from unhappy ones.
  • Feedback category: See what the most common issues or feedback comments on your websites/apps are and prioritise. Is it bugs? Missing information? Or just a lot of praise (we would all prefer that, right?)!
  • URLs: Allows you to see which issues correlate with which page and pinpoint which pages on your website lead to the most frustrations.
  • Device information: Do you get different feedback depending on the device your visitors are using? By segmenting this information, you can identify device-based bugs, user experience issues (like mobile navigation) and which benefits each device has for your users.
  • User profile data: Understand your target audience by segmenting your feedback after profile data. Are there different frustrations based on age, gender or location?

All of these examples help you improve your digital experience. Compare the segments to easily pinpoint your unique selling points and your improvement points.

One of the many advantages of using both Mopinion and Contentsquare is that our shared clients have the means to obtain a complete view of the customer journey. Contentsquare reveals what the site visitors are doing and Mopinion reveals why. This puts these organisations in a very strong position when it comes to understanding the customer.

Jos van der Kooij, Head of Product, Mopinion

What does it look like in practice?

One of the clients that uses both Mopinion and Contentsquare to maximise their digital experience is Vodafone Ziggo.

Lisette, CRO Specialist and Analyst at Vodafone Ziggo:

Leveraging both the Contentsquare and Mopinion technologies, we are able to detect which hurdles our customers run into on our website and what those hurdles look like.

Lisette continues,

In other words, we can effectively blend the insights we gather from feedback with a recording of what the customer has seen on the website. This gives us a great deal of context so that we can confidently adjust the experience.

Lisette, CRO Specialist and Analyst How Vodafone Ziggo uses Contentsquare and Mopinion

What is the next step?

Are you curious about what digital user feedback could do for your company? Major brands such as Vodafone Ziggo, Scania, Air France-KLM, DHL and Ahold already rely on Mopinion.

Get started today

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