Product Update: new design options, new app preview mode and more

Product Update: new design options, new app preview mode and more

We have a brand new product update for you, packed with new additions and fixes, including new design options, a new app preview mode and extra access settings. Check it out!

Custom Background Colour for Web Feedback Forms

Want to take your form design(s) one step further? Now you can easily adjust the background colour for your web and email feedback forms. In the form builder go to Form in the Design tab, and change the background to any colour you desire.

Mopinion feedback forms background colour

Mopinion for Apps – Enhanced App Form Preview

The preview for mobile app feedback forms in our platform got an overhaul. Easily get a glimpse of your form, check your changes and test specific settings (for example the dynamic height of your app form).

Of course, it’s also possible to preview and test your feedback forms on real mobile devices with our Apple iOS Forms Preview App and the Android Forms Preview app.

enhance app form preview Mopinion

Pssst, want to get more Mobile App Feedback News? Stay tuned; something big will Flutter your way soon!

Access Rights for Deployments

Imagine you have multiple agencies working for you, collecting feedback on different parts of your website. In some cases it’s useful or required to manage who has access to your deployments. It’s now possible to give or restrict access to specific deployments. This way you can also manage who can add forms to deployments, based on the access rights of a user.

Access rights for deployments

Enhancements and fixes

  • Text Analytics | A message is shown when a Text Analytics dashboard (re)build is in progress.
  • Form builder | Website data is now properly handling the usage of the special characters ‘space’, ‘%’, and ‘+’.
  • Form builder | Fixed a bug that in some cases caused embedded forms to not show properly in the preview.
  • Deployment | The form display type (for example ‘embedded’) is now shown in a deployment.
  • Webhooks | Fixed an issue where long webhook titles would overflow and were hard to read.
  • Webhooks | Added a message to show when a webhook is based on a removed feedback form.
  • Various small UX improvements.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more; we’ll be working continuously on more additions and new features!

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