Easily Duplicate Your Feedback Forms

New release: Easily Duplicate Your Feedback Forms!

We’ve got some epic news to drop! Introducing the Duplicate Forms feature, your newest sidekick for supercharged form-building. Making a copy of your feedback form is now as easy as pie! 🥧

Save precious time

Imagine you have created the perfect feedback form. An amazing on-brand design, the right set of questions, tailor made logic to create the optimal flow; the ultimate recipe for success! The incoming feedback is unlocking invaluable insights in no time.

Your colleagues also love your feedback form and want to get the same insights for their teams. They ask you to create a form that looks a lot like yours. All that is needed is just a few tweaks!

There is only one problem. The whole setup of your feedback form was quite time-consuming. You’re very happy with the result, but you would rather not invest that time and effort again in creating an (almost) identical feedback form.

Good news: With this new option, you don’t have to! You can easily copy a form with just three clicks. All questions, settings, design, and logic will be copied.

Want the credits yourself? Don’t tell your colleagues about this release… 🤫

Easily Duplicate Your Feedback Forms

Benefits of duplicating forms

  • One-click copy: Want to create a twin of your brilliant feedback form? We’ve got you covered. Just click, and voila! You’ve got an exact replica, content, design, and all.
  • Cloning magic: That awesome design you spent hours perfecting? It’s coming along for the ride, 100% intact. Say goodbye to redoing all that hard work!
  • Logic at play: All the logic and behind-the-scenes magic? Yup, it’s all there, seamlessly duplicated. No need to rebuild the logic maze from scratch.
  • From one report to another: Need to copy a form to another report? For example from another team or another campaign? Just select the report where the duplicate needs to be created.

Why you’ll love it

  • Save Precious Time: Spend less time recreating and more time innovating.
  • Reduce Errors: No more manual copy-pasting, reducing the risk of slip-ups.
  • Keep Your Magic: Your unique form design and logic stay untouched.

Where to find it

  • Go to your Feedback Forms overview
  • Find the form you want to duplicate
  • Click the ‘Duplicate Form’ button in the 3 dot menu (Hint: It’s your new best friend!)

Now you can iterate, experiment, and innovate with your forms like never before. No more starting from scratch. It’s like having a clone machine for your forms!

Ready to try it out? Log in now and start duplicating forms like a pro. And remember, we’re here if you need a hand. Copy that… (feedback form)! 📃

P.S. Stay tuned for more incredible new updates – we continue our mission to give you the best feedback software out there!

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