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Purchasing a new car is up there with buying a house. It’s a sizable investment which requires a great deal of certainty. As a result, your customers and dealers are looking for a memorable experience. Not only on the road, but across various digital channels and touchpoints ranging from your website to mobile apps and car configurators in your sales funnel. Mopinion helps you overcome challenges by keeping you in the loop with customer insights.

Simplify the decision-making process

Simplify the decision-making process

Buying a new car is a momentous occasion. Decisions are influenced by not only emotion and price point but also extensive online research. Start giving your customers the product and delivery details they need to move forward. Mopinion helps you determine which valuable content you need to answer your customers’ questions. Then take it one step further and dive into the emotions of your visitors with Mopinion’s text and sentiment analysis.

Deliver a smooth user experience at every turn

Address and prioritise UX issues such as bugs in your mobile apps and car configurators on time with the help of your users. Leverage Mopinion’s unique features such as visual feedback (a screenshot of the page element alongside qualitative feedback) and get direct insights into the hurdles your visitors encounter.

Deliver a smooth user experience at every turn
Foster loyalty with an end-to-end experience

Foster loyalty with an end-to-end experience

From after sales to repairs and maintenance, you must keep a pulse on the voice of the customer. Mopinion enables you to engage with customers through every step of their journey with its multichannel approach. Start capturing and visualising your feedback data on all your channels (website, mobile and email) and unlock meaningful insights such as post-purchase Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Enterprise-Level Security, Privacy and Accessibility

Mopinion is devoted to protecting your data and adhering to the strictest security, privacy and accessibility policies. We offer peak security accreditation with ISO 27001: 2017 and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We also offer improved accessibility to all types of web users with WCAG 2.1 Level AA certification.

ISO 27001: 2017 GDPR security Accessibility

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