GO Sport optimises website navigation with Mopinion feedback

The GO Sport group originated in the heart of the French Alps at the end of the 1970s following the Grenoble Olympic Games. The company is owned by Rallye, a major player in the distribution sector. GO Sport is one of the leaders in the sports equipment market in France.

Performance, team spirit, pleasure and customer orientation drive the 5,000 employees of GO Sport every day – in France and abroad. In line with its values, the company recently decided to launch an online Voice of the Customer program.

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Customer relations and customer experience

Customer relations and customer experience are at the heart of GO Sport’s priorities. Customer orientation is one of the core values ​​of the GO Sport group. Therefore, knowing what the customers think, whether in its physical stores or online, is key for the company. GO Sport has made many tools available to its customers in order to understand them better and to interact with them easily. That’s where Mopinion comes in. The solution was implemented with the objective of making the online user experience as pleasant as possible.

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In the digital era that we live in, being attentive and close to your customers is – now more than ever – a necessity for maintaining a successful business. For several years now, GO Sport has aimed to be much more than a simple distributor of sporting goods. Our ambition is to really support our customers in their sports. We want to go far beyond a simple shopping experience, whether online or in store

Benjamin Courgeon, E-commerce and Marketplace Offer Manager, GO Sport

This goal is achieved through a coaching service and the Mercure loyalty program which rewards and encourages customers in their respective sports. But also through the Mopinion platform which allows GO Sport to collect and analyse feedback from online visitors.

Mopinion: GO Sport optimise la navigation sur son site Internet grâce à Mopinion - Feedback form

Helping GO Sport get closer to its customers

With the help of the Mopinion platform, GO Sport aims to improve the online user journey. The ease of use and the numerous integrations Mopinion offers were the key factors that convinced the GO Sport E-commerce team to select Mopinion.

We chose Mopinion for its ease of use and the intuitive handling of the tool. The demo of the tool was very convincing and allowed us to discover the extent of the features (data analysis, personalisation of surveys, grouping of data and profiles)”, says Benjamin Courgeon.

In addition to being easily integrated, the Mopinion tool is also 100% compatible with the other tools used by the Group (Slack in particular).

Benjamin Courgeon continues: “We also hope that the Mopinion platform will help improve the NPS (Net Promoter Score) of our website, www.go-sport.com.”

At GO Sport, each customer feedback item is subject to special attention, be it on the quality of product information, the services offered, or the commercial offers. Each opinion is taken into account in order to continuously optimise the GO Sport website.

The GO Sport group’s objective is therefore twofold: to get closer to its customers while offering an efficient e-commerce site that reflects its visitors.

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