Beerwulf gathers VoC insights with Mopinion feedback

Beerwulf – part of HEINEKEN Group – is an online craft beer shop ‘designed by and dedicated to beer enthusiasts’. Established in the Netherlands in 2017, this unique organisation has since taken off and is now present in over 10 European countries. The website is Beerwulf’s sole outlet for business and therefore a critical channel for success, hence their recent decision to adopt a feedback solution

Following their project launch, we interviewed Lars Harmsen – Head of User Experience at Beerwulf – to get some more insight into their feedback journey thus far.

As Beerwulf we want to enable customers to discover the world of beer from the comfort of their own home. We bring brewers and beer drinkers together – online. Our website is where we tell the stories of the brewers and beers, where visitors can browse our beer catalogue, and where customers can order and have beer delivered to their doorstep.

Lars Harmsen, Head of User Experience at Beerwulf

Beerwulf’s aim is to make it as easy as possible for customers to find the beer they like as well as bring these products to life by sharing stories about beers and breweries within their portfolio.

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The Challenge

“We were previously using Hotjar, but unfortunately this solution was too limited for us in terms of targeting options. It didn’t provide us with insights into the response rate and it cost too much time to analyse survey results.”

Mopinion: Beerwulf gathers VoC insights with Mopinion feedback - Feedback form

Lars shares that at Beerwulf a customer’s online journey depends on the types of products the visitor seeks, whether it is a new or returning customer, which country the customer is in, etc. And this endless variety of journeys makes it critical for Beerwulf to listen to its customers through feedback, and start truly understanding who is in the webshop and why.

“We know how important it is to stay close to the customer. In e-commerce, this means you have to constantly collect qualitative feedback on-site, in reviews, through customer care, and through e-mail surveys.

The Solution

“We learned of Mopinion’s software by word of mouth and chose to move forward with their solution because – unlike many big players in the feedback space- Mopinion offers great personal service and focus, as well as affordability.”

Mopinion: Beerwulf gathers VoC insights with Mopinion feedback - Delivery

Beerwulf uses Mopinion to collect Net Promoter Score (NPS), as well as for specifically targeting surveys and polls. The latter is done for two reasons:

  • Monitoring obstacles or drop-off points where Beerwulf is aware there is an issue, but cannot determine exactly what the issue is or what the best solution might be.
  • Exploring interest in new pages, functionalities and products.

Looking forward…

“We hope that with the help of Mopinion, we can bring the Voice of the Customer to Beerwulf, while not bothering our customers too much. We are confident that with targeted surveys and polls, our visitors will feel like they are in an online dialogue with us and truly feel that their opinion is valued.

Here’s to a long and prosperous business relationship with Beerwulf!

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